Life is made up of tiny moments. A look. A kiss. A smile. A spark. Whatever these things stir in you they stir in us too. Every day we capture these precious moments. Then we give them back to you so you can relive them, feel them and perhaps most importantly, always hold them close to your heart. It’s this ‘giving back’ that we love. In fact, it’s why we’re in the wedding photography business. It’s also why so many couples choose us.

“Thank you for capturing our wedding day in a way we never imagined possible and for your creativity, dedication, patience and most of all friendship. You have given us something to always remember what an amazing day we had.”
Scott & Natalie Hunter, Gold Coast

Studio Impressions is a small, close-knit group of creatives. We are especially passionate about photographing people and the moments that matter. We aren’t a great big studio with lots of casual or contract photographers on staff. We also aren’t a tiny operation with too much to juggle.

Our work has always been highly acclaimed and extensively awarded. We think that’s because for us, photography is all about life. The moments in your life; the influences in our life; and it’s the ‘life’ in our photos that people like so much. We are based in Brisbane because we love living here. But, we photograph weddings anywhere, Bali, Italy, China to name a few. Love has no boundaries, why should we?

There are lots of things we can tell you about us. When it comes down to it though, only a handful of those things really matter to you. Do you really care about what we like to drink, whether we have any pets or where we went on our last holiday? You do care about things like…

Are our photographers good? Not just everyday good… are they really good?

And, do you like us enough to have us follow you around? All day? Everywhere? On your big day?

To help you decide we have put together some information about us on the pages that follow. This is one of the few times you will find us focussing on us. At Studio Impressions, it’s usually all about you.

“The passion, dedication, enthusiasm and love as artists you all possess for your work is perfect for capturing such an important day in our lives. A very special day filled with talented unique and special photographers who never felt like they were just doing a job, rather creating their own magic.”
James and Lisa, Brisbane