Creative Spotlight – Julie Whitehead Cakes

Some people are just fun to be around.  They laugh easily and smile warmly and you just feel better having been in their presence.  Julie is one of those people.   She just has a way of seeing the world that makes me realize how good things are.   Maybe it’s her creativity or maybe it is just all that chocolate.   You see Julie is an artist.  A painter.  But these days her chosen medium is chocolate.  Yes, Julie paints in chocolate.  Combining her passions of art, cooking and chocolate, Julie created Julie Whitehead Cakes & Chocolates, crafting wedding cakes to die for…and chocolate buffets…and edible bonbonniere…and all things scrumptious – even chocolate placecards!  This lady is a Swiss trained chocolatier  who uses only the finest ingredients and handcrafts each of her delectable treats personally.  She makes edible works of art.  This, is how you build a unique business, from passion.  That is why we put Julie on our list of go to people when planning your wedding.   Plus she is awesome and makes things that are beautiful, memorable and yum.

Julie, it was such a pleasure to photograph you and to have worked with you on so many amazing weddings.  Your creativity and your passion for life is inspiring.  And your creations make a savoury man love sweets!


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