Studio Impressions Bringing photography to life Thu, 26 Feb 2015 04:11:54 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Wedding Inspiration – Dresses Thu, 26 Feb 2015 04:11:54 +0000 Oooh it has been way too long since we put up my favourite Inspiration Post – DRESSES (second place is a tie between shoes & grooms).  There have been so many luscious make-me-want-to-get-married-again dresses on our Studio Impressions brides in the last 12 months that I cannot believe I’ve left it this long to share some. My favourite thing about 2014 bridal gowns is the variety.  Personality has returned to wedding couture and I love it!  Lace and long long veils have made a big showing, but otherwise the gowns have been as distinct as the beautiful woman wearing them.  Exactly how it should be.  The best dresses fit the woman – her body and her soul.  I think that is why when you buy a wedding dress, you just KNOW when you’ve found the right one.  It brings out your beauty. For that reason we’ve started the post with one of Marcus’ crazy light ray shots (even I wonder how he always gets this light).  Somehow, it just feels right today.

 Wedding-Dress-Inspiration-Style-33Laura in Vera Wang.


Wedding-Dress-Inspiration-Style-1 Wedding-Dress-Inspiration-Style-4Natalie in Berta Bridal.   Felicity in DARB Bridal Couture.

Samarra in Steven Khalil.

Wedding-Dress-Inspiration-Style-23Wedding-Dress-Inspiration-Style-5Wedding-Dress-Inspiration-Style-3Wedding-Dress-Inspiration-Style-24Jess in Vera Wang.

Wedding-Dress-Inspiration-Style-6Wedding-Dress-Inspiration-Style-7Wedding-Dress-Inspiration-Style-17 Wedding-Dress-Inspiration-Style-8 Wedding-Dress-Inspiration-Style-16 Wedding-Dress-Inspiration-Style-10The detail of Kristy’s Judy Copley close up & Carolina in DARB.

Wedding-Dress-Inspiration-Style-22Wedding-Dress-Inspiration-Style-25Barbara in Pronovias.   Michelle in DARB.

Wedding-Dress-Inspiration-Style-14Sarah in Monique L’huillier.

Wedding-Dress-Inspiration-Style-11 Wedding-Dress-Inspiration-Style-12 Wedding-Dress-Inspiration-Style-13Susannah in MXM.

Wedding-Dress-Inspiration-Style-18Wedding-Dress-Inspiration-Style-35 Wedding-Dress-Inspiration-Style-15Liz in J’Aton.

Wedding-Dress-Inspiration-Style-37 Wedding-Dress-Inspiration-Style-31

Renee’s Bride’s Desire gown.   Briony in Steven Khalil.

Nicole in Bertossi Brides.

Wedding-Dress-Inspiration-Style-20 Wedding-Dress-Inspiration-Style-38 Wedding-Dress-Inspiration-Style-36Wedding-Dress-Inspiration-Style-19Francoise in Pronovias from Brides of Brisbane.

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Gold Coast Engagement Session – Victoria & Greg Sat, 14 Feb 2015 07:12:39 +0000 Gold-Coast-Engagement-Shoot-1Happy Valentine’s Day!!   Now whether you refuse to participate in the commercialisation that is Valentine’s Day or whether you immerse yourself in the joy of it, dressing in red, sending flowers and leaving love notes for someone special, there is no denying that LOVE, finding THE ONE, truly connecting with another human being is worth celebrating sometime.   So what better time to share images that do just that?  This is Victoria & Greg – engaged, but not yet married.  This is them as individuals, as a couple, as fiance′s.  Here they are in the hedonic love-filled limbo land of being “engaged”. And they have celebrated it. I am sure there will be some proposals this Valentine’s Day.  For those of you that take the plunge, make sure you enjoy every second of being engaged.  Don’t fall into the trap of being enveloped in wedding plans and fighting over budgets & seating arrangements.  Stop sometimes just to enjoy each other and appreciate the commitment you are going to make and the commitment you have already made.  Be like Victoria & Greg – celebrate just being two.

Gold-Coast-Engagement-Shoot-2 Gold-Coast-Engagement-Shoot-4 Gold-Coast-Engagement-Shoot-5 Gold-Coast-Engagement-Shoot-3 Gold-Coast-Engagement-Shoot-7 Gold-Coast-Engagement-Shoot-9 Gold-Coast-Engagement-Shoot-12 Gold-Coast-Engagement-Shoot-13Gold-Coast-Engagement-Shoot-16 Gold-Coast-Engagement-Shoot-10 Gold-Coast-Engagement-Shoot-19






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Brisbane Greek Club Wedding – Elizabeth & Anthony Mon, 02 Feb 2015 23:25:15 +0000 A few years ago I met a wonderful family when I photographed the wedding of one of their daughters Athena.   A few months ago, in the ultimate compliment, I had the absolute honor of being invited to photograph the wedding of Athena’s sister, Elizabeth.  I think I would have moved earth to photograph this wedding, not because everything about it was spectacular, but because these are truly genuine, honest, loving people.  The kind of people that make you want to be a better person just by being near them.   You will see what I mean when you look at these photos.   Both Elizabeth & Anthony’s families know how to live life filled with feeling.   They laugh easily, cry openly, hold each other tightly and dance with abandon. That people, right there, is what life is about, and is why I love weddings.

Elizabeth and Anthony were married at the  Greek Orthodox Community of St George and their reception was at The Greek Club, and it looked amazing!   After planning her own breathtaking wedding, Elizabeth’s sister Athena has followed her passion (one of the smartest & bravest things a person can do) and is now styling weddings for others through her company  Celebrating in Style. Of course there was no-one that could create a wedding more Elizabeth and Anthony, than Athena & she really did an amazing job.  Always Fabulous Flowers added to the feel with stunning floral arrangements and Sweetums created that fabulous cake.  One of my favourite moments of the day was watching Anthony totally blown away as Liz entered the room.  Her dress was  J’Aton Couture.  He could not take his eyes off her & you could see him visibly relax, like the missing part of him had finally arrived.

Elizabeth & Anthony, thank you so much for inviting me to share these special moments with you.  May every day of your life together be filled with the love of your family and friends, and may every moment together feel like that is exactly how it is meant to be.


Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-2Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-1 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-3 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-4

Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-6 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-7 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-8 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-9 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-10 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-11Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-13 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-12 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-14

Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-5Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-15 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-16 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-17Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-20 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-18 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-19 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-21 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-22 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-23 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-24 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-25 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-26 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-27

Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-29 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-30 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-31 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-32

Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-34Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-33 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-37Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-39Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-56Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-43 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-40 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-44 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-45 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-46Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-48 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-47 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-50Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-49 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-54Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-53 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-55Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-51















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Brisbane Wedding – Susannah & David at Customs House Mon, 26 Jan 2015 05:20:47 +0000 Hitting the shelves this week is the new edition of Brisbane Bride magazine and we are very excited to say that one of our gorgeous brides is on the front cover!

Susannah married David at St John’s Cathedral in Brisbane.  She was breathtaking in her MXM Couture gown, made perfectly for her.  Their reception at Customs House was impeccable.  A perfect Brisbane night overlooking the Brisbane River.  This was a wedding filled with the colour, movement, and emotion of true love.  It was a fantastic day with a couple that are seriously good fun.   You can read the full story for yourself in Brisbane Bride, and get to see a few more fabulous weddings we photographed last year, but here are some of my favourite images from Susannah & David’s day.

Susannah & David, thanks so much for choosing Studio Impressions to photograph your wedding. I have loved every moment working with you and getting to know what great people you are.  May it always feel like you are floating on clouds.

Brisbane-Wedding-Customs-House-2Brisbane-Wedding-Customs-House-1 Brisbane-Wedding-Customs-House-3Brisbane-Wedding-Customs-House-6 Brisbane-Wedding-Customs-House-5 Brisbane-Wedding-Customs-House-8Brisbane-Wedding-Customs-House-7

Brisbane-Wedding-Customs-House-9 Brisbane-Wedding-Customs-House-10 Brisbane-Wedding-Customs-House-11 Brisbane-Wedding-Customs-House-12

Brisbane-Wedding-Customs-House-13 Brisbane-Wedding-Customs-House-14 Brisbane-Wedding-Customs-House-17Brisbane-Wedding-Customs-House-18 Brisbane-Wedding-Customs-House-19 Brisbane-Wedding-Customs-House-20 Brisbane-Wedding-Customs-House-21 Brisbane-Wedding-Customs-House-22 Brisbane-Wedding-Customs-House-23 Brisbane-Wedding-Customs-House-24

Brisbane-Wedding-Customs-House-26Brisbane-Wedding-Customs-House-54Brisbane-Wedding-Customs-House-55Brisbane-Wedding-Customs-House-57 Brisbane-Wedding-Customs-House-28 Brisbane-Wedding-Customs-House-30

Brisbane-Wedding-Customs-House-32Brisbane-Wedding-Customs-House-31 Brisbane-Wedding-Customs-House-34 Brisbane-Wedding-Customs-House-35 Brisbane-Wedding-Customs-House-38 Brisbane-Wedding-Customs-House-40 Brisbane-Wedding-Customs-House-41 Brisbane-Wedding-Customs-House-42 Brisbane-Wedding-Customs-House-43Brisbane-Wedding-Customs-House-36 Brisbane-Wedding-Customs-House-44Brisbane-Wedding-Customs-House-48 Brisbane-Wedding-Customs-House-46 Brisbane-Wedding-Customs-House-50 Brisbane-Wedding-Customs-House-51 Brisbane-Wedding-Customs-House-53Brisbane-Wedding-Customs-House-52














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Spicers Clovelly Estate Wedding – Kristy & Trent Tue, 20 Jan 2015 10:29:56 +0000 I almost wish we were butterflies and lived but three summer days..

three such days with you I could fill with more delight than fifty common years could ever contain.

John Keats

There were so many gorgeous flowers at Kristy & Trent’s Sunshine Coast Hinterland wedding that I’m surprised the butterflies weren’t everywhere.   The talents of the fabulous Terrianne from Mondo Florists and Trudy from Lovebird Weddings came together to style this very special wedding at Spicers Clovelly Estate.     Dreamy.  Just dreamy.   And the best thing about it is how much in love Kristy & Trent so obviously are.   So much romance in the air…and so much fun.    No wonder Marcus was in such a good mood after he photographed this wedding – it had to be contagious.

Kristy & Trent thank you for choosing Studio Impressions to photograph your wedding. May your life always be filled with this much colour and laughter.    

Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-6 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-7 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-8 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-9 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-10 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-11

Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-13 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-15 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-16Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-32Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-14
Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-18Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-17Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-65Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-20 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-22Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-21 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-23 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-24 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-26 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-27Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-28 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-29 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-30 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-31

Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-33 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-34 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-36 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-37 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-38

Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-39 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-41 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-42Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-45Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-40 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-43 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-44

Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-47 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-48Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-54Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-56 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-49 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-55 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-57 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-59Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-58Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-53Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-52Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-35

























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Maternity & Newborn Photography Fri, 09 Jan 2015 09:34:21 +0000 Baby-Maternity-Photographer-1

What better way to start the new year than with some gorgeous photos of a new life.   Here is a series taken by Karen showing the exciting start to Baby Ruby’s life.  There honestly is nothing like it – the anticipation, the excitement, the intense love and overwhelming joy that a new baby brings.   Everything changes, and somehow, despite how hard being a parent can be some days, you never, ever want it to change back.  Welcome to the world little Ruby!

Baby-Maternity-Photographer-3Baby-Maternity-Photographer-2 Baby-Maternity-Photographer-5 Baby-Maternity-Photographer-6Baby-Maternity-Photographer-4

We have been a little quiet on the blog lately.  That’s because Marcus & I took a little time out over the Christmas/New Year break to enjoy our own family, to be together and laugh a lot.  That is what we wish for you all in 2015 – a little time to just stop and be with the people that matter most to you.    Happy New Year xxx


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Spicers Peak Lodge Wedding – Meagan & James Tue, 16 Dec 2014 07:27:22 +0000 “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. – Leonardo da Vinci

Perhaps that was Meagan & James’ motto as they planned their glorious Spicer’s Peak wedding earlier this year.   For it was a simple, sophisticated affair.   Weddings like this truly warm my heart.   Meagan & James live in Sydney but chose to marry in the beautiful Spicers Peak Lodge with just a few close friends and family in attendance.   Instead of filling their wedding with details and kitsch things that say funny things about them, they did the opposite. They paired back the styling and filled the day with what they love, the landscape, the people attending, and each other.   The style of this wedding, helped along by Main Event Weddings, was glorious in its restraint. By not filling the landscape with lots of ribbons and bows and carpets and chairs and signs and baskets and coloured straws, Meagan & James brought focus to the wonder and beauty of nature in its purest form, their love. And nature sure did its part – clear blue skies, and soft sunshine to bring that perfect yellow green tinge to the land that happens only in this wonderful Australian countryside. Don’t get me wrong, I love all the detail and the cute ways that you can now bring something distinctive to your wedding. I do my fair share of drooling over wedding details. I just think that sometimes, less is more. When I look at the connection between Meagan & James & their friends and family, it is obvious that this was their perfect wedding. And when I asked Marcus about how the day went, he couldn’t stop talking about all the touching moments and how much he enjoyed the day.  So I know this wedding really was as good as it looks. Oh yes, and Meagan’s dress was a gorgeous Rhonda Hemmingway.   Thanks Meagan & James for choosing Studio Impressions to photograph your wedding, we hope we did justice to the very special bond you so obviously have.


Spicers_Peak_Retreat_Country_Wedding Spicers_Peak_Retreat_Country_Wedding-2 Spicers_Peak_Retreat_Country_Wedding-3 Spicers_Peak_Retreat_Country_Wedding-4Spicers_Peak_Retreat_Country_Wedding-10 Spicers_Peak_Retreat_Country_Wedding-6

Spicers_Peak_Retreat_Country_Wedding-7 Spicers_Peak_Retreat_Country_Wedding-8 Spicers_Peak_Retreat_Country_Wedding-9 Spicers_Peak_Retreat_Country_Wedding-11 Spicers_Peak_Retreat_Country_Wedding

Spicers_Peak_Retreat_Country_Wedding-15 Spicers_Peak_Retreat_Country_Wedding-16Spicers_Peak_Retreat_Country_Wedding-14 Spicers_Peak_Retreat_Country_Wedding-17 Spicers_Peak_Retreat_Country_Wedding-19Spicers_Peak_Retreat_Country_Wedding Spicers_Peak_Retreat_Country_Wedding-20 Spicers_Peak_Retreat_Country_Wedding-21 Spicers_Peak_Retreat_Country_Wedding-22 Spicers_Peak_Retreat_Country_Wedding-23 Spicers_Peak_Retreat_Country_Wedding

Spicers_Peak_Retreat_Country_Wedding Spicers_Peak_Retreat_Country_Wedding Spicers_Peak_Retreat_Country_Wedding-29Spicers_Peak_Retreat_Country_Wedding-28 Spicers_Peak_Retreat_Country_Wedding Spicers_Peak_Retreat_Country_Wedding-33 Spicers_Peak_Retreat_Country_Wedding-34 Spicers_Peak_Retreat_Country_Wedding-35 Spicers_Peak_Retreat_Country_Wedding-36 Spicers_Peak_Retreat_Country_Wedding Spicers_Peak_Retreat_Country_Wedding-38 Spicers_Peak_Retreat_Country_Wedding-39 Spicers_Peak_Retreat_Country_Wedding-41Spicers_Peak_Retreat_Country_Wedding-40Spicers_Peak_Retreat_Country_Wedding-43 Spicers_Peak_Retreat_Country_WeddingSpicers_Peak_Retreat_Country_Wedding








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Bali Wedding – Taeri & Shaun Thu, 13 Nov 2014 07:51:21 +0000 We recently shared with you the pre-wedding photos of this couple and now it’s time for their spectacular wedding!

I got the chance to photograph the “wedding weekend” of Shaun & Taeri at Alila Villas Soori in Bali earlier this year.  Gabe came along to second shoot with me and together we got to experience one of those very special weddings that make this job so great.

Yellow is the colour of sunshine, of joy, happiness, warmth, and nourishment.  It was a perfect selection as the accent colour for Shaun & Taeri’s wedding.   That is exactly how the day felt, joyful, full of sunshine and warmth.  Time with this couple and their families was nourishment for the soul.

This fantastic event with impeccable styling was coordinated by their wedding planner extraordinaire Diana, from One & Only Bali Weddings & Events alongside the team of Bali Event Styling, and Westside who provided that lighting that I know you will all ask about.  Diana brought together such professional suppliers and created a magical setting for a magical couple. Taeri’s hair and makeup was by Yeanne & Team. The flowers by Heliconia Bali. The Cake by Ixora Cakes and the catering for their amazing party by Bali Catering Company.

Shaun & Taeri are a modern couple but they weren’t afraid to mix contemporary styling with traditional touches in reference to their cultural heritages.  For all those couples who want to step away from their cultural traditions at weddings, these guys show you how it is possible to blend the best of both worlds, and create a wedding that represents your own unique histories.

To Taeri, Shaun and your families, thank you for welcoming me into your lives for a weekend, and for entrusting Studio Impressions with the honour of capturing the moment you became husband and wife.

Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-1 Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-2 Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-4 Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-5

Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-3Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-72Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-43Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-44 Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-6

Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-9Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-8 Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-10 Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-11 Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-12Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-16 Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-14  Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-17 Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-19Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-18 Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-20 Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-21 Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-22Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-23Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-25Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-26 Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-24 Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-27 Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-28 Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-29 Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-30 Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-31

Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-32 Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-33 Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-34 Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-35 Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-36

Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-37Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-39 Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-38 Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-41 Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-45 Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-46 Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-47 Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-48Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-42


Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-52Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-51 Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-53 Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-54 Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-55 Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-56 Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-57

Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-58 Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-63 Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-60 Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-61 Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-64Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-59 Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-65 Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-66 Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-67 Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-68 Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-69 Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-71

















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Pre-Wedding Photography – Bali Mon, 03 Nov 2014 03:53:05 +0000 I was recently talking to a non-photographer friend of mine, and mentioned that I had been doing some pre-wedding shoots.  They looked at me strangely & asked “what’s that?”.   Do you mean engagement photos?   It was one of those moments when I realised that not everyone lives and breathes weddings like I do, and many people don’t really understand all the options available to a couple now.     So what is the difference between an engagement shoot and a pre-wedding shoot?

Well the short answer is that a pre-wedding shoot is usually longer than the traditional engagement session and it usually involves a lot more planning, styling, locations and dresses.   Sometimes more suits, but usually just more dresses.   The traditional engagement portrait involves a short portrait session (around 1 hour long), and normally just one location.   It is a great way for a couple to become comfortable in front of the camera.     A pre-wedding shoot, can take 3 hours to a whole day.   On a pre-wedding shoot, I will take the couple to a wide variety of locations and photograph them with many different looks (so lots of dresses).    Doing a pre-wedding shoot is awesome fun.    I love it.  It is a great way to get to know the couple really well, and for them to become comfortable with me taking their photo.   It is also a great way for them to get to spend a fun day together celebrating this big change in their lives, without all the pressures of the wedding day.   Usually the photos are turned into a slideshow played on the wedding day or put on display at the wedding, and the couple get some gorgeous images to remember how they naturally are at this point in their lives.   They can play with styling, props and themes, or they can just use the day to visit and record places special to them.   A lot of couples like to visit beaches, or cafes or restaurants that played a specical part in their story, like their first date, or where she said “I love you”, or where he proposed.  I also love it when we extend the shoot to include one of the pre-wedding celebrations like the rehearsal dinner, because I get to meet family and friends too.   When this happens I always find that I get even better images at the wedding.  I know who is who before the day, but I have also learned a little more about them and can anticipate those touching moments even more easily.     I just know that it is a privilege to get to photograph couples and their families not just at their wedding, but when they are relaxed and simply being themselves.

Here are some of the pre-wedding portraits I photographed for a fantastic couple recently, taken in and around  Alila Villas Soori in Bali.  Hope you love them.

Bali-Alila-Pre-Wedding-1 Bali-Alila-Pre-Wedding-2

Bali-Alila-Pre-Wedding-3 Bali-Alila-Pre-Wedding-4 Bali-Alila-Pre-Wedding-5 Bali-Alila-Pre-Wedding-6 Bali-Alila-Pre-Wedding-7

Bali-Alila-Pre-Wedding-9 Bali-Alila-Pre-Wedding-8 Bali-Alila-Pre-Wedding-10 Bali-Alila-Pre-Wedding-11 Bali-Alila-Pre-Wedding-12 Bali-Alila-Pre-Wedding-13



Bali-Alila-Pre-Wedding-19 Bali-Alila-Pre-Wedding-20

Bali-Alila-Pre-Wedding-22 Bali-Alila-Pre-Wedding-23Bali-Alila-Pre-Wedding-21

Bali-Alila-Pre-Wedding-24 Bali-Alila-Pre-Wedding-25 Bali-Alila-Pre-Wedding-26 Bali-Alila-Pre-Wedding-28 Bali-Alila-Pre-Wedding-29









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Byron Bay Wedding – Deux Belettes – Felicity & Damien Fri, 10 Oct 2014 04:44:51 +0000 I swear that Marcus falls in love with every couple he meets.  For as long as he has been photographing weddings, he has come home with stories about how lovely the couple were, usually saying something like they “were the nicest people” or “it was such a beautiful day” and he genuinely means it, every weekend.  This is how I know that he is doing what he was meant to do in life.  He loves the photography, but more than that he loves the people.  Later in the week, I get to see the photos, often over his shoulder late at night as he works through them into the wee morning hours.  That’s when he tells me some more stories from the day and that is when I can tell by the look on his face how much he enjoyed photographing that wedding.  Sometimes, in these moments, he shows me a wedding that is more than just beautiful, it actually moves me, and I am touched by the way he truly sees people.  The images make me laugh, they make me cry, they make me go aaawww, in that way that only girls can.  I’m not a very romantic person.  In our relationship, that person is Marcus.  So when I react like that, I know that the people in this wedding really were “the nicest people”, and they really do have something special.  I can see it in their images.  No, I can feel it.

Felicity & Damien, your wedding has secretly made me cry happy tears, laugh out loud and smile a great big happy smile.  The way you look at each other, the way that you laugh with your friends, the strength of the touch from your parents, how you make fun of yourselves, and the way you included Lola the french bulldog in your day – it all represents something remarkable.  Cherish what you have for it is precious indeed.

Felicity and Damien were married at the gorgeous Deux Belettes in Byron Bay.  He wore impeccable Wil Valour and she was a vision in DARB Bridal Couture.  Damien used to drive racing cars professionally, and now works for V8 Supercars, where he met Felicity.  Their love of racing cars making subtle appearances in their wedding.  If you look closely you will notice the flowers on the tables aren’t housed in ordinary vases – what better way to use your racing trophies – flower vessels on your wedding day.

Felicity and Damien, thank you for choosing Studio Impressions to share your wedding day.  Marcus & I would wish you a love that lasts forever, except that it is obvious – you already have it.

W0052_DF140830b W0058_DF140830 W0066_DF140830 W0077_DF140830aW0092_DF140830cDeuxBelettes-2W0328_DF140830

DeuxBelettes-1DeuxBelettes-3W0103_DF140830a W0142_DF140830 W0175_DF140830Deux-Belettes-Byron-BayDeuxBelettes-17W0230_DF140830aDeuxBelettes

W0237_DF140830aW0376_DF140830a W0379_DF140830Deux-Belettes-Byron-Bay1 W0400_DF140830 W0434_DF140830a W0466_DF140830Deux-Belettes-Wedding
W0515_DF140830a W0519_DF140830 W0532_DF140830 W0538_DF140830c W0544_DF140830aDeux-Belettes-Wedding-Byron-Bay1Deux-Belettes-Wedding-Byron-Bay

W0574_DF140830 W0579_DF140830 W0585_DF140830W0715_DF140830aDeux-Belettes-Wedding1W0779_DF140830


W0754_DF140830a W0755_DF140830 W0812_DF140830 W0839_DF140830DeuxBelettes-16

W0848_DF140830a W0855_DF140830a W0885_DF140830

W0919_DF140830DeuxBelettes-4 W0928_DF140830DeuxBelettes-5

W0977_DF140830b W0985_DF140830aDeuxBelettes-1
W1033_DF140830a W1078_DF140830W1053_DF140830a W1013_DF140830W1089_DF140830

W1111_DF140830 W1138_DF140830 W1157_DF140830 W1177_DF140830 W1180_DF140830 W1222_DF140830a

W1268_DF140830 W1276_DF140830A W1293_DF140830 W1301_DF140830a W1314_DF140830 W1318_DF140830A W1341_DF140830


W1463_DF140830W1450_DF140830 W1524_DF140830W1516_DF140830W1482_DF140830W1507_DF140830aW1497_DF140830aW1368_DF140830DeuxBelettes-25



































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