Studio Impressions Bringing photography to life Thu, 26 Mar 2015 04:24:35 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Creative Spotlight – Cara Marie Designs & Invitation Station Thu, 26 Mar 2015 04:20:51 +0000 And this week’s spotlight is on the creative duo behind Invitation Station and Cara Marie Designs – sisters Cara & Felicity.  That’s Cara on the left (laughing as usual) & Felicity on the right.  You don’t get much more creative than these two.  They give paper personality.  These girls have individuality, flare, gorgeousness in spades (& just a hint of craziness) and it all ends up turned into invitations and paper creations to die for.  With Cara and Felicity you will create beautiful bespoke invitations unique to your wedding or event.  These are no cookie-cutter- seen-it-all-before type invitations.  These are textured treasures to touch, hold and keep – invitations that tantalise you to attend.  No wonder so many couples use them. Check out a snippet of their gorgeous creations below.  Exceptional quality, consistent delivery and creative flare puts Cara & Felicity squarely on our list of recommended wedding professionals.  Like all the people we like to work with these girls are genuine professionals, and most importantly genuinely good people.

Marcus had so much fun on this shoot, so thank you Cara & Felicity for making our jobs enjoyable and for sitting still long enough to have your photo taken.

StudioImpressions_InvitationStation-10StudioImpressions_InvitationStation-1 StudioImpressions_InvitationStation-2 StudioImpressions_InvitationStation-3 StudioImpressions_InvitationStation-4 StudioImpressions_InvitationStation-5 StudioImpressions_InvitationStation-7 StudioImpressions_InvitationStation-8StudioImpressions_InvitationStation-6 StudioImpressions_InvitationStation-9



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Customs House Wedding – Angelica & Adam Thu, 19 Mar 2015 07:53:48 +0000 A Brisbane wedding with a Spanish Columbian twist – this was always going to be an amazing day, with a party that we all wanted to be invited to!  The gorgeous Angelica is from Columbia.  Her family travelled all the way to Brisbane to see their beautiful girl married to Adam.   She showed them some of the best of weddings that Brisbane has to offer, with a ceremony in the grandeur of St Stephen’s Cathedral followed by a reception with one of the best views of the Brisbane River and Story Bridge, at  Customs House.  It was a stunning celebration of their love set in this beautiful city that we live in.  They shared some of the best of Queensland produce for dinner, with a spectacular cake by Julie Whitehead.   Not to be outdone, Adam brought a little bit of Angelica’s culture to Brisbane, singing a love song to her in Spanish that brought the entire reception to tears.  Fireworks filled the sky, the music started & the dance floor filled to capacity.   Aurelie captured the fun and emotion of the whole day just perfectly.

Angelica & Adam, thank you for choosing Studio Impressions to photograph your wedding.  May these moments live in your heart forever.

Customs-House-Wedding-Photographer-Brisbane-50Customs-House-Wedding-Photographer-Brisbane-2 Customs-House-Wedding-Photographer-Brisbane-3



Customs-House-Wedding-Photographer-Brisbane-7Customs-House-Wedding-Photographer-Brisbane-6 Customs-House-Wedding-Photographer-Brisbane-48Customs-House-Wedding-Photographer-Brisbane-11Customs-House-Wedding-Photographer-Brisbane-52 Customs-House-Wedding-Photographer-Brisbane-12

Customs-House-Wedding-Photographer-Brisbane-15 Customs-House-Wedding-Photographer-Brisbane-16Customs-House-Wedding-Photographer-Brisbane-17 Customs-House-Wedding-Photographer-Brisbane-18 Customs-House-Wedding-Photographer-Brisbane-19Customs-House-Wedding-Photographer-Brisbane-43

Customs-House-Wedding-Photographer-Brisbane-21Customs-House-Wedding-Photographer-Brisbane-27Customs-House-Wedding-Photographer-Brisbane-26Customs-House-Wedding-Photographer-Brisbane-24Customs-House-Wedding-Photographer-Brisbane-25 Customs-House-Wedding-Photographer-Brisbane-22 Customs-House-Wedding-Photographer-Brisbane-23

Customs-House-Wedding-Photographer-Brisbane-28 Customs-House-Wedding-Photographer-Brisbane-29 Customs-House-Wedding-Photographer-Brisbane-31 Customs-House-Wedding-Photographer-Brisbane-32Customs-House-Wedding-Photographer-Brisbane-30 Customs-House-Wedding-Photographer-Brisbane-33Customs-House-Wedding-Photographer-Brisbane-44Customs-House-Wedding-Photographer-Brisbane-49Customs-House-Wedding-Photographer-Brisbane-38 Customs-House-Wedding-Photographer-Brisbane-36Customs-House-Wedding-Photographer-Brisbane-40 Customs-House-Wedding-Photographer-Brisbane-39Customs-House-Wedding-Photographer-Brisbane-54Customs-House-Wedding-Photographer-Brisbane-53 Customs-House-Wedding-Photographer-Brisbane-42Customs-House-Wedding-Photographer-Brisbane-41





















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Creative Spotlight – George Wu Couture Thu, 12 Mar 2015 09:10:16 +0000 StudioImpressions_GeorgeWu-1


Introducing this week’s Wedding Industry Creative, fashion designer extraordinaire and downright nice guy – George Wu!   George Wu Couture creates innovative luxurious bridal gowns with impeccable attention to detail.  Seriously girls, I have been up close and personal with George’s gowns and they are exquisite, delicate masterpieces of lace and love.   There is something ethereal in a George Wu gown.   But not only does he create wedding gowns to die for, George is funny. Really funny, and such great company. That’s why I couldn’t choose which portrait to post of him – the serious craftsman, or the George we know having a good old laugh at himself.   If you are in the market for an amazing gown, do check out George and his work, we’ve included a few samples below, but there is so much more.


StudioImpressions_GeorgeWu-2 StudioImpressions_GeorgeWu-3StudioImpressions_GeorgeWu-8 StudioImpressions_GeorgeWu-4StudioImpressions_GeorgeWu-7 StudioImpressions_GeorgeWu-6



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Villa Botanica Wedding – Francoise & Joel Tue, 10 Mar 2015 09:18:35 +0000 Joel’s sister has been friends with Francoise since they were little.   She always thought Francoise would be a good match for her brother.  So who better to be maid of honour when the two students of medicine finally tied the knot?   These are the kind of love stories that we love!

Francoise is not French but she has a French name courtesy of her Belgium-born father. She married the man she was meant to be with in Villa Botanica – a tropical Whitsunday paradise owned by a man who spent his childhood in France.  She also chose a French photographer – the lovely Aurelie Beeston, right here at Studio Impressions.   And what a stunning job Aurelie did of capturing this wedding.  You just want to step right into the photos and join in on all the colour, texture and emotion of this gorgeous wedding.    It is always a good feeling when the stars of the images bother to write and say things like:

“Joel and I have finally had the chance to look through all of the photos and we are just blown away!! They are absolutely phenomonal! We just can’t believe that Aurelie captured absolutely everything, so quietly and so perfectly. She’s somehow captured every emotion we felt through every moment. We are so very thankful that we chose studio impressions and Aurelie.”
We are thankful you chose us too Joel & Francoise, because it was our absolute pleasure to capture a love story like yours. May you always be filled with that much love.

Villa-Botanica-Wedding-2Villa-Botanica-Wedding-5Villa-Botanica-Wedding-4 Villa-Botanica-Wedding-6 Villa-Botanica-Wedding-7 Villa-Botanica-Wedding-11 Villa-Botanica-Wedding-12

Villa-Botanica-Wedding-10Villa-Botanica-Wedding-24Villa-Botanica-Wedding-13Villa-Botanica-Wedding-15Villa-Botanica-Wedding-14Villa-Botanica-Wedding-16 Villa-Botanica-Wedding-18Villa-Botanica-Wedding-17 Villa-Botanica-Wedding-20Villa-Botanica-Wedding-19Villa-Botanica-Wedding-22

Villa-Botanica-Wedding-27Villa-Botanica-Wedding-26Villa-Botanica-Wedding-30 Villa-Botanica-Wedding-32 Villa-Botanica-Wedding-33 Villa-Botanica-Wedding-35 Villa-Botanica-Wedding-36Villa-Botanica-Wedding-34

Villa-Botanica-Wedding-37 Villa-Botanica-Wedding-38 Villa-Botanica-Wedding-40Villa-Botanica-Wedding-46Villa-Botanica-Wedding-41 Villa-Botanica-Wedding-42 Villa-Botanica-Wedding-44Villa-Botanica-Wedding-43Villa-Botanica-Wedding-45Villa-Botanica-Wedding-39 Villa-Botanica-Wedding-48Villa-Botanica-Wedding-47Villa-Botanica-Wedding-49 Villa-Botanica-Wedding-50 Villa-Botanica-Wedding-51 Villa-Botanica-Wedding-53Villa-Botanica-Wedding-52Villa-Botanica-Wedding-31









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Creative Spotlight- Stem Designs Tue, 03 Mar 2015 23:35:32 +0000 Recently we had the great pleasure of photographing some of Brisbane’s best wedding creatives.  From florists to cake designers, to fashion legends, we have captured some of the amazing talent that Brisbane offers anyone planning a wedding.   These people are artisans.  They hand craft their quality products with detail and most of all with love.   Every piece they produce reflects the a little piece of them and a lot about the people they design it for.  These are people we love working with because of their consistent quality and dedication to what they do, and because they show the utmost respect for the brides and grooms that choose them.

Each week we plan to feature one of these wedding maestro’s, starting with Nicole from STEM DESIGNS.  Nicole is the owner and creative visionary of floral design studio Stem Designs.  Her gorgeous blooms are sought after by brides all over.  She does way more than bouquets, Nicole crafts floral masterpieces.  Extravaganzas in greenery & colour.  Nicole brings personality to your wedding.   To top it off, she is one of the loveliest people you will ever meet.




So meet Nicole and some of the amazing work of Stem Designs that have featured in the weddings of our clients.  If you are looking for a florist, you can contact Nicole by clicking Here.  Tell her Studio Impressions sent you!


Stem-Design-Wedding-Flowers-Styling-2 Stem-Design-Wedding-Flowers-Styling-3 Stem-Design-Wedding-Flowers-Styling-4Stem-Design-Wedding-Flowers-Styling-12 Stem-Design-Wedding-Flowers-Styling-5 Stem-Design-Wedding-Flowers-Styling-7 Stem-Design-Wedding-Flowers-Styling-8Stem-Design-Wedding-Flowers-Styling-9 Stem-Design-Wedding-Flowers-Styling-10Stem-Design-Wedding-Flowers-Styling-14 Stem-Design-Wedding-Flowers-Styling-13 Stem-Design-Wedding-Flowers-Styling-11






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Wedding Inspiration – Dresses Thu, 26 Feb 2015 04:11:54 +0000 Oooh it has been way too long since we put up my favourite Inspiration Post – DRESSES (second place is a tie between shoes & grooms).  There have been so many luscious make-me-want-to-get-married-again dresses on our Studio Impressions brides in the last 12 months that I cannot believe I’ve left it this long to share some. My favourite thing about 2014 bridal gowns is the variety.  Personality has returned to wedding couture and I love it!  Lace and long long veils have made a big showing, but otherwise the gowns have been as distinct as the beautiful woman wearing them.  Exactly how it should be.  The best dresses fit the woman – her body and her soul.  I think that is why when you buy a wedding dress, you just KNOW when you’ve found the right one.  It brings out your beauty. For that reason we’ve started the post with one of Marcus’ crazy light ray shots (even I wonder how he always gets this light).  Somehow, it just feels right today.

 Wedding-Dress-Inspiration-Style-33Laura in Vera Wang.


Wedding-Dress-Inspiration-Style-1 Wedding-Dress-Inspiration-Style-4Natalie in Berta Bridal.   Felicity in DARB Bridal Couture.

Samarra in Steven Khalil.

Wedding-Dress-Inspiration-Style-23Wedding-Dress-Inspiration-Style-5Wedding-Dress-Inspiration-Style-3Wedding-Dress-Inspiration-Style-24Jess in Vera Wang.

Wedding-Dress-Inspiration-Style-6Wedding-Dress-Inspiration-Style-7Wedding-Dress-Inspiration-Style-17 Wedding-Dress-Inspiration-Style-8 Wedding-Dress-Inspiration-Style-16 Wedding-Dress-Inspiration-Style-10The detail of Kristy’s Judy Copley close up & Carolina in DARB.

Wedding-Dress-Inspiration-Style-22Wedding-Dress-Inspiration-Style-25Barbara in Pronovias.   Michelle in DARB.

Wedding-Dress-Inspiration-Style-14Sarah in Monique L’huillier.

Wedding-Dress-Inspiration-Style-11 Wedding-Dress-Inspiration-Style-12 Wedding-Dress-Inspiration-Style-13Susannah in MXM.

Wedding-Dress-Inspiration-Style-18Wedding-Dress-Inspiration-Style-35 Wedding-Dress-Inspiration-Style-15Liz in J’Aton.

Wedding-Dress-Inspiration-Style-37 Wedding-Dress-Inspiration-Style-31

Renee’s Bride’s Desire gown.   Briony in Steven Khalil.

Nicole in Bertossi Brides.

Wedding-Dress-Inspiration-Style-20 Wedding-Dress-Inspiration-Style-38 Wedding-Dress-Inspiration-Style-36Wedding-Dress-Inspiration-Style-19Francoise in Pronovias from Brides of Brisbane.

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Gold Coast Engagement Session – Victoria & Greg Sat, 14 Feb 2015 07:12:39 +0000 Gold-Coast-Engagement-Shoot-1Happy Valentine’s Day!!   Now whether you refuse to participate in the commercialisation that is Valentine’s Day or whether you immerse yourself in the joy of it, dressing in red, sending flowers and leaving love notes for someone special, there is no denying that LOVE, finding THE ONE, truly connecting with another human being is worth celebrating sometime.   So what better time to share images that do just that?  This is Victoria & Greg – engaged, but not yet married.  This is them as individuals, as a couple, as fiance′s.  Here they are in the hedonic love-filled limbo land of being “engaged”. And they have celebrated it. I am sure there will be some proposals this Valentine’s Day.  For those of you that take the plunge, make sure you enjoy every second of being engaged.  Don’t fall into the trap of being enveloped in wedding plans and fighting over budgets & seating arrangements.  Stop sometimes just to enjoy each other and appreciate the commitment you are going to make and the commitment you have already made.  Be like Victoria & Greg – celebrate just being two.

Gold-Coast-Engagement-Shoot-2 Gold-Coast-Engagement-Shoot-4 Gold-Coast-Engagement-Shoot-5 Gold-Coast-Engagement-Shoot-3 Gold-Coast-Engagement-Shoot-7 Gold-Coast-Engagement-Shoot-9 Gold-Coast-Engagement-Shoot-12 Gold-Coast-Engagement-Shoot-13Gold-Coast-Engagement-Shoot-16 Gold-Coast-Engagement-Shoot-10 Gold-Coast-Engagement-Shoot-19






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Brisbane Greek Club Wedding – Elizabeth & Anthony Mon, 02 Feb 2015 23:25:15 +0000 A few years ago I met a wonderful family when I photographed the wedding of one of their daughters Athena.   A few months ago, in the ultimate compliment, I had the absolute honor of being invited to photograph the wedding of Athena’s sister, Elizabeth.  I think I would have moved earth to photograph this wedding, not because everything about it was spectacular, but because these are truly genuine, honest, loving people.  The kind of people that make you want to be a better person just by being near them.   You will see what I mean when you look at these photos.   Both Elizabeth & Anthony’s families know how to live life filled with feeling.   They laugh easily, cry openly, hold each other tightly and dance with abandon. That people, right there, is what life is about, and is why I love weddings.

Elizabeth and Anthony were married at the  Greek Orthodox Community of St George and their reception was at The Greek Club, and it looked amazing!   After planning her own breathtaking wedding, Elizabeth’s sister Athena has followed her passion (one of the smartest & bravest things a person can do) and is now styling weddings for others through her company  Celebrating in Style. Of course there was no-one that could create a wedding more Elizabeth and Anthony, than Athena & she really did an amazing job.  Always Fabulous Flowers added to the feel with stunning floral arrangements and Sweetums created that fabulous cake.  One of my favourite moments of the day was watching Anthony totally blown away as Liz entered the room.  Her dress was  J’Aton Couture.  He could not take his eyes off her & you could see him visibly relax, like the missing part of him had finally arrived.

Elizabeth & Anthony, thank you so much for inviting me to share these special moments with you.  May every day of your life together be filled with the love of your family and friends, and may every moment together feel like that is exactly how it is meant to be.


Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-2Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-1 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-3 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-4

Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-6 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-7 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-8 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-9 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-10 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-11Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-13 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-12 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-14

Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-5Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-15 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-16 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-17Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-20 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-18 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-19 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-21 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-22 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-23 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-24 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-25 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-26 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-27

Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-29 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-30 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-31 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-32

Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-34Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-33 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-37Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-39Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-56Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-43 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-40 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-44 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-45 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-46Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-48 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-47 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-50Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-49 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-54Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-53 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-55Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-51















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Brisbane Wedding – Susannah & David at Customs House Mon, 26 Jan 2015 05:20:47 +0000 Hitting the shelves this week is the new edition of Brisbane Bride magazine and we are very excited to say that one of our gorgeous brides is on the front cover!

Susannah married David at St John’s Cathedral in Brisbane.  She was breathtaking in her MXM Couture gown, made perfectly for her.  Their reception at Customs House was impeccable.  A perfect Brisbane night overlooking the Brisbane River.  This was a wedding filled with the colour, movement, and emotion of true love.  It was a fantastic day with a couple that are seriously good fun.   You can read the full story for yourself in Brisbane Bride, and get to see a few more fabulous weddings we photographed last year, but here are some of my favourite images from Susannah & David’s day.

Susannah & David, thanks so much for choosing Studio Impressions to photograph your wedding. I have loved every moment working with you and getting to know what great people you are.  May it always feel like you are floating on clouds.

Brisbane-Wedding-Customs-House-2Brisbane-Wedding-Customs-House-1 Brisbane-Wedding-Customs-House-3Brisbane-Wedding-Customs-House-6 Brisbane-Wedding-Customs-House-5 Brisbane-Wedding-Customs-House-8Brisbane-Wedding-Customs-House-7

Brisbane-Wedding-Customs-House-9 Brisbane-Wedding-Customs-House-10 Brisbane-Wedding-Customs-House-11 Brisbane-Wedding-Customs-House-12

Brisbane-Wedding-Customs-House-13 Brisbane-Wedding-Customs-House-14 Brisbane-Wedding-Customs-House-17Brisbane-Wedding-Customs-House-18 Brisbane-Wedding-Customs-House-19 Brisbane-Wedding-Customs-House-20 Brisbane-Wedding-Customs-House-21 Brisbane-Wedding-Customs-House-22 Brisbane-Wedding-Customs-House-23 Brisbane-Wedding-Customs-House-24

Brisbane-Wedding-Customs-House-26Brisbane-Wedding-Customs-House-54Brisbane-Wedding-Customs-House-55Brisbane-Wedding-Customs-House-57 Brisbane-Wedding-Customs-House-28 Brisbane-Wedding-Customs-House-30

Brisbane-Wedding-Customs-House-32Brisbane-Wedding-Customs-House-31 Brisbane-Wedding-Customs-House-34 Brisbane-Wedding-Customs-House-35 Brisbane-Wedding-Customs-House-38 Brisbane-Wedding-Customs-House-40 Brisbane-Wedding-Customs-House-41 Brisbane-Wedding-Customs-House-42 Brisbane-Wedding-Customs-House-43Brisbane-Wedding-Customs-House-36 Brisbane-Wedding-Customs-House-44Brisbane-Wedding-Customs-House-48 Brisbane-Wedding-Customs-House-46 Brisbane-Wedding-Customs-House-50 Brisbane-Wedding-Customs-House-51 Brisbane-Wedding-Customs-House-53Brisbane-Wedding-Customs-House-52














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Spicers Clovelly Estate Wedding – Kristy & Trent Tue, 20 Jan 2015 10:29:56 +0000 I almost wish we were butterflies and lived but three summer days..

three such days with you I could fill with more delight than fifty common years could ever contain.

John Keats

There were so many gorgeous flowers at Kristy & Trent’s Sunshine Coast Hinterland wedding that I’m surprised the butterflies weren’t everywhere.   The talents of the fabulous Terrianne from Mondo Florists and Trudy from Lovebird Weddings came together to style this very special wedding at Spicers Clovelly Estate.     Dreamy.  Just dreamy.   And the best thing about it is how much in love Kristy & Trent so obviously are.   So much romance in the air…and so much fun.    No wonder Marcus was in such a good mood after he photographed this wedding – it had to be contagious.

Kristy & Trent thank you for choosing Studio Impressions to photograph your wedding. May your life always be filled with this much colour and laughter.    

Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-6 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-7 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-8 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-9 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-10 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-11

Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-13 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-15 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-16Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-32Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-14
Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-18Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-17Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-65Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-20 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-22Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-21 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-23 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-24 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-26 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-27Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-28 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-29 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-30 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-31

Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-33 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-34 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-36 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-37 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-38

Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-39 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-41 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-42Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-45Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-40 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-43 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-44

Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-47 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-48Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-54Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-56 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-49 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-55 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-57 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-59Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-58Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-53Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-52Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-Photographer-35

























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