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What could possibly follow a post about DARB Couture gowns?   A post on shoes of course!  Whether you are choosing all out sky high glam or flat heeled comfort, there is some gorgeous footwear here to inspire and delight you, all courtesy of our recent brides.  Enjoy!

Wedding-Inspiration-Shoes-2Wedding-Inspiration-Shoes-8 Wedding-Inspiration-Shoes-3Wedding-Inspiration-Shoes-9 Wedding-Inspiration-Shoes-4Wedding-Inspiration-Shoes-25 Wedding-Inspiration-Shoes-5 Wedding-Inspiration-Shoes-7Wedding-Inspiration-Shoes-19Wedding-Inspiration-Shoes-14 Wedding-Inspiration-Shoes-10Wedding-Inspiration-Shoes-6 Wedding-Inspiration-Shoes-11 Wedding-Inspiration-Shoes-13Wedding-Inspiration-Shoes-22edding-Shoes-Inspiration-1edding-Shoes-Inspiration-2 Wedding-Inspiration-Shoes-18Wedding-Inspiration-Shoes-15 Wedding-Inspiration-Shoes-21 Wedding-Inspiration-Shoes-24Wedding-Inspiration-Shoes-12Wedding-Inspiration-Shoes-17












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Creative Spotlight – Darb Bridal Couture Thu, 21 May 2015 09:02:41 +0000 Wedding-Creative-Wedding-Dress-Designer-1 Timeless elegance, feminine sophistication, iconic beauty – these are the words that come to mind when I think of a DARB Couture wedding dress. Brad Webb, the man behind the couture label is a master.  I swear he is a reincarnated 1950’s fashion icon.  His dresses are the stuff little girls (& big girls) dream of.  Every bead is perfectly placed, every stitch is considered.  Delicate lace, feathers, silk, pearls, diamantes, so many different layers of exquisite texture and intricate detail.  A DARB dress is like owning a piece of art.  Any woman that wears one cannot help but feel beautiful as each dress is made to suit her perfectly.  This is probably why so many Studio Impressions brides choose DARB Couture and why we have had the pleasure of getting to know Brad over the years.  He truly loves what he does.  It shows in his work and the personal touches that he provides to women wearing his clothes.  I will never forget the time I first saw Brad there on the wedding day, helping the bride get ready and making sure that her gown was just right.  I was blown away with that kind of service, attention to detail and care for his clients.  It has made him one of the most sought after wedding designers in Australia.  But one of the best things about Brad is that under that softly spoken demeanor is a driving passion to create amazing things, but also a weakness for chocolate, a wicked sense of humour and a totally mischievous laugh.  Let’s face it – the man is cool without even trying.   I never tire of photographing women in his gowns.  It is like they have this timeless, ethereal beauty.  Who doesn’t want that on their wedding day?

Wedding-Creative-Wedding-Dress-Designer-4 Wedding-Creative-Wedding-Dress-Designer-2Wedding-Creative-Wedding-Dress-Designer-5Wedding-Creative-Wedding-Dress-Designer-3Wedding-Creative-Wedding-Dress-Designer-6 Wedding-Creative-Wedding-Dress-Designer-7 Wedding-Creative-Wedding-Dress-Designer-9Wedding-Creative-Wedding-Dress-Designer-8 Wedding-Creative-Wedding-Dress-Designer-10






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Spicers Clovelly Wedding – Renee & Daniel Wed, 06 May 2015 03:06:49 +0000

“Let us celebrate the occasion with wine and sweet words”  Plautus

And that is just what Renee & Daniel did.  Actually Daniel, invested in a particularly special bottle to mark the occasion, saving it to share with Renee and their closest friends (their bridal party) during a bit of downtime as we took some location photos.  Daniel must have still been thinking about the sweet words of their wedding ceremony because as he went to open the bottle, he accidently hit Renee in the head with it!  No major injuries done, this is a bottle they will never forget for so many reasons.

This is what was so great about this wedding and this couple.  Renee and Daniel have style but they also have fun in bucket loads .  You can see from the impeccable styling of their wedding they have flair, but also you can see from the little details, like sharing a special drink, that they are thoughtful. They don’t take themselves so seriously that everything has to be perfect.  They can laugh at themselves and enjoy the moment for what it is not for what they imagined it to be.  They laugh often and when they do, it is contagious.  There is a lighter, grounded, genuineness in Renee and Daniel that makes you want to be around them.  It was honestly my great pleasure to share those moments with them and get to know two amazing people.

Their wedding was at Spicers Clovelly Estate, with all the added touches by the style team of Lovebird Weddings and Mondo Floral Designs who did all the florals.  Renee was a vision in her Bride’s Desire gown and hair and make up by  Tasleema Nigh.   And when you see the photos below, you’ll probably ask about that cake too – courtesy of The Cake that ate Paris.

Renee & Daniel may your marriage be filled with laughter and light-hearted moments.  Thank you for choosing Studio Impressions to share your day.

Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-1 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-2 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-3


Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-7 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-9 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-10 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-11 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-12Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-8 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-13 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-14

Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-15Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-5Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-53 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-17 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-19 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-20 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-21 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-22 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-23 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-24 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-25 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-26Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-29 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-30

Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-34Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-31 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-32 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-33Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-54 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-36 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-37 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-39

Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-6 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-40 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-43Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-45 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-44 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-46 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-47 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-48 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-41Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-42 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-50Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-49 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-51 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-52Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-38













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Creative Spotlight – Julie Whitehead Cakes Tue, 28 Apr 2015 00:52:31 +0000 Some people are just fun to be around.  They laugh easily and smile warmly and you just feel better having been in their presence.  Julie is one of those people.   She just has a way of seeing the world that makes me realize how good things are.   Maybe it’s her creativity or maybe it is just all that chocolate.   You see Julie is an artist.  A painter.  But these days her chosen medium is chocolate.  Yes, Julie paints in chocolate.  Combining her passions of art, cooking and chocolate, Julie created Julie Whitehead Cakes & Chocolates, crafting wedding cakes to die for…and chocolate buffets…and edible bonbonniere…and all things scrumptious – even chocolate placecards!  This lady is a Swiss trained chocolatier  who uses only the finest ingredients and handcrafts each of her delectable treats personally.  She makes edible works of art.  This, is how you build a unique business, from passion.  That is why we put Julie on our list of go to people when planning your wedding.   Plus she is awesome and makes things that are beautiful, memorable and yum.

Julie, it was such a pleasure to photograph you and to have worked with you on so many amazing weddings.  Your creativity and your passion for life is inspiring.  And your creations make a savoury man love sweets!


Wedding-Vendors-Julie-Whitehead-Cake-Chocolate-11 Wedding-Vendors-Julie-Whitehead-Cake-Chocolate-2Wedding-Vendors-Julie-Whitehead-Cake-Chocolate-5Wedding-Vendors-Julie-Whitehead-Cake-Chocolate-7Wedding-Vendors-Julie-Whitehead-Cake-Chocolate-1Wedding-Vendors-Julie-Whitehead-Cake-Chocolate-6 Wedding-Vendors-Julie-Whitehead-Cake-Chocolate-3Wedding-Vendors-Julie-Whitehead-Cake-Chocolate-9 Wedding-Vendors-Julie-Whitehead-Cake-Chocolate-4 Wedding-Vendors-Julie-Whitehead-Cake-Chocolate-8







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Wedding Inspiration – Bouquets Fri, 10 Apr 2015 00:47:55 +0000 A festival of floral for your Friday!   The bouquets chosen by our brides over the last year have been nothing short of exquisite.  There is not one of these bouquets that doesn’t make me want to pick it up, close my eyes and breathe deeply into those soft petals to be transported by their heady scents.   Flowers will always make me happy (hint hint Marcus).






Wedding-Inspiration-Flowers-Bouquet-6 Wedding-Inspiration-Flowers-Bouquet-7


Wedding-Inspiration-Flowers-Bouquet-8 Wedding-Inspiration-Flowers-Bouquet-9

Wedding-Inspiration-Flowers-Bouquet-12 Wedding-Inspiration-Flowers-Bouquet-13

We work with some amazing floral designers, so if you are looking for someone you can trust to make you a beautiful bouquet for your wedding, check out these creatives:   Bouquet BoutiqueDivine FlowersAlways Fabulous Flowers, Stem Designs, Mondo Floral Designs.

If you are a florist and see one of your fabulous creations in this post, please comment and claim your gorgeous work.   We would love to recommend you too.





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Creative spotlight – White + White Weddings & Events Wed, 08 Apr 2015 05:23:05 +0000 White-White-Wedding-Inspiration-1

“Fashions fade, style is eternal.”  Yves St Laurent

In this week’s Creative Spotlight, I’d like to introduce you to a woman with style.  Danielle from White+White Weddings  is a wedding planner and stylist extraordinaire.  Offering everything from wedding day coordination to a full wedding planning and styling service, Danielle’s team are at the forefront of wedding trends.   They can take the ordinary space and make it magical.  They can take the most disorganised, disinterested bride and give her the stress free wedding of her dreams.   And they LOVE it.   Their passion is what makes W+W a Wedding Industry Professional that we would recommend.  That, and their commitment to quality, consistency and being true to the individuality of the couple.  Like us they try to capture the personality of the people getting married.  We do it in images, they do it through the personal touches with meaning to the couple.  There is a small sample of her work at the weddings of Studio Impressions’ brides below, and if you would like to see more click here to go to a recent post on the blog of Modern Weddings Magazine featuring the stunning wedding of Sarah & Michael.   Honestly I have seen brides’ jaws drop (in the best way) as they have walked into a room that W+W has styled for them.   Danielle is a professional with passion so if you need help with planning your wedding she is your go-to-girl.

Danielle, thanks for working with us on some amazing weddings, and for letting me capture the elegant, approachable you in our paired-back portrait.

White-White-Wedding-Inspiration-2 White-White-Wedding-Inspiration-3


White-White-Wedding-Inspiration-5 White-White-Wedding-Inspiration-7White-White-Wedding-Inspiration-6





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Brisbane Wedding – Jessica & Bruno at Tattersall’s Club Wed, 01 Apr 2015 02:09:13 +0000 It is past time to share one of my favourite Brisbane weddings.  I spend a lot of time photographing really stunning weddings, and I am frequently asked to comment on the most common bridal trends because we photograph so many of them.   I loved this wedding for a different reason.  Of course it was beautiful, but more than that, this wedding was timeless.   Jess and Bruno chose style over trends.  They chose substance and meaning and brought depth to their wedding styling.   Timeless elegance was evident in everything from what they wore to where they held their reception.   I bet if they ever have a granddaughter she will look at the photos of Jess and think that she is the most beautiful bride at the most beautiful wedding she has ever seen, and that will be decades from now. This is the kind of wedding that will never go out of style.

Jess wore a dream Vera Wang, complimented with hair & make-up by Brush & Blush.   Not to be outdone, Bruno was classically dressed by Ermenegildo Zegna.   They got ready at the Treasury Casino Hotel before heading to their ceremony in the chapel of St Brigid’s and partying the night at Tattersall’s Club.   All these buildings are heritage listed icons of Brisbane, steeped in history, full of tradition, created and built by visionaries – places of unrepeatable grandeur.  See what I mean?  Timeless.   But this doesn’t mean it was traditional and boring. Definitely not.  Nicole from Stem Designs created an indoor forest with ferns, trees and foliage that complimented the decor of Tattersall’s and gave a natural, earthy feel to the reception.   Their reception was all about their family and friends.  Jess and Bruno made sure they surrounded themselves with the people that mean so much to them but foregoing the traditional bridal table at the front of the room for a round table amongst their guests.  Then they chose a band that will always be remembered for knowing how to get all their guests on the dancefloor – RUSH.

Doesn’t this all say something about Jess & Bruno?  They like things to last.   Love is not reflected in superficial prettiness.  Love is creating something together that will last long after you are around to see what it becomes.

Jess and Bruno, thank you for inviting us to capture this historic moment in your lives.  I feel so very privileged to capture these memories for your future.  May your love leave a legacy bigger than you imagined.

Tattersalls-Club-Wedding-Brisbane-1 Tattersalls-Club-Wedding-Brisbane-2 Tattersalls-Club-Wedding-Brisbane-3

Tattersalls-Club-Wedding-Brisbane-10Tattersalls-Club-Wedding-Brisbane-9 Tattersalls-Club-Wedding-Brisbane-6Tattersalls-Club-Wedding-Brisbane-4 Tattersalls-Club-Wedding-Brisbane-11

Tattersalls-Club-Wedding-Brisbane-15Tattersalls-Club-Wedding-Brisbane-18Tattersalls-Club-Wedding-Brisbane-12 Tattersalls-Club-Wedding-Brisbane-17

Tattersalls-Club-Wedding-Brisbane-19 Tattersalls-Club-Wedding-Brisbane-22 Tattersalls-Club-Wedding-Brisbane-23Tattersalls-Club-Wedding-Brisbane-20Tattersalls-Club-Wedding-Brisbane-21

Tattersalls-Club-Wedding-Brisbane-25 Tattersalls-Club-Wedding-Brisbane-27 Tattersalls-Club-Wedding-Brisbane-26 Tattersalls-Club-Wedding-Brisbane-29Tattersalls-Club-Wedding-Brisbane-24 Tattersalls-Club-Wedding-Brisbane-30Tattersalls-Club-Wedding-Brisbane-38 Tattersalls-Club-Wedding-Brisbane-32 Tattersalls-Club-Wedding-Brisbane-33 Tattersalls-Club-Wedding-Brisbane-35 Tattersalls-Club-Wedding-Brisbane-36 Tattersalls-Club-Wedding-Brisbane-37 Tattersalls-Club-Wedding-Brisbane-13












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Creative Spotlight – Cara Marie Designs & Invitation Station Thu, 26 Mar 2015 04:20:51 +0000 And this week’s spotlight is on the creative duo behind Invitation Station and Cara Marie Designs – sisters Cara & Felicity.  That’s Cara on the left (laughing as usual) & Felicity on the right.  You don’t get much more creative than these two.  They give paper personality.  These girls have individuality, flare, gorgeousness in spades (& just a hint of craziness) and it all ends up turned into invitations and paper creations to die for.  With Cara and Felicity you will create beautiful bespoke invitations unique to your wedding or event.  These are no cookie-cutter- seen-it-all-before type invitations.  These are textured treasures to touch, hold and keep – invitations that tantalise you to attend.  No wonder so many couples use them. Check out a snippet of their gorgeous creations below.  Exceptional quality, consistent delivery and creative flare puts Cara & Felicity squarely on our list of recommended wedding professionals.  Like all the people we like to work with these girls are genuine professionals, and most importantly genuinely good people.

Marcus had so much fun on this shoot, so thank you Cara & Felicity for making our jobs enjoyable and for sitting still long enough to have your photo taken.

StudioImpressions_InvitationStation-10StudioImpressions_InvitationStation-1 StudioImpressions_InvitationStation-2 StudioImpressions_InvitationStation-3 StudioImpressions_InvitationStation-4 StudioImpressions_InvitationStation-5 StudioImpressions_InvitationStation-7 StudioImpressions_InvitationStation-8StudioImpressions_InvitationStation-6 StudioImpressions_InvitationStation-9



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Customs House Wedding – Angelica & Adam Thu, 19 Mar 2015 07:53:48 +0000 A Brisbane wedding with a Spanish Columbian twist – this was always going to be an amazing day, with a party that we all wanted to be invited to!  The gorgeous Angelica is from Columbia.  Her family travelled all the way to Brisbane to see their beautiful girl married to Adam.   She showed them some of the best of weddings that Brisbane has to offer, with a ceremony in the grandeur of St Stephen’s Cathedral followed by a reception with one of the best views of the Brisbane River and Story Bridge, at  Customs House.  It was a stunning celebration of their love set in this beautiful city that we live in.  They shared some of the best of Queensland produce for dinner, with a spectacular cake by Julie Whitehead.   Not to be outdone, Adam brought a little bit of Angelica’s culture to Brisbane, singing a love song to her in Spanish that brought the entire reception to tears.  Fireworks filled the sky, the music started & the dance floor filled to capacity.   Aurelie captured the fun and emotion of the whole day just perfectly.

Angelica & Adam, thank you for choosing Studio Impressions to photograph your wedding.  May these moments live in your heart forever.

Customs-House-Wedding-Photographer-Brisbane-50Customs-House-Wedding-Photographer-Brisbane-2 Customs-House-Wedding-Photographer-Brisbane-3



Customs-House-Wedding-Photographer-Brisbane-7Customs-House-Wedding-Photographer-Brisbane-6 Customs-House-Wedding-Photographer-Brisbane-48Customs-House-Wedding-Photographer-Brisbane-11Customs-House-Wedding-Photographer-Brisbane-52 Customs-House-Wedding-Photographer-Brisbane-12

Customs-House-Wedding-Photographer-Brisbane-15 Customs-House-Wedding-Photographer-Brisbane-16Customs-House-Wedding-Photographer-Brisbane-17 Customs-House-Wedding-Photographer-Brisbane-18 Customs-House-Wedding-Photographer-Brisbane-19Customs-House-Wedding-Photographer-Brisbane-43

Customs-House-Wedding-Photographer-Brisbane-21Customs-House-Wedding-Photographer-Brisbane-27Customs-House-Wedding-Photographer-Brisbane-26Customs-House-Wedding-Photographer-Brisbane-24Customs-House-Wedding-Photographer-Brisbane-25 Customs-House-Wedding-Photographer-Brisbane-22 Customs-House-Wedding-Photographer-Brisbane-23

Customs-House-Wedding-Photographer-Brisbane-28 Customs-House-Wedding-Photographer-Brisbane-29 Customs-House-Wedding-Photographer-Brisbane-31 Customs-House-Wedding-Photographer-Brisbane-32Customs-House-Wedding-Photographer-Brisbane-30 Customs-House-Wedding-Photographer-Brisbane-33Customs-House-Wedding-Photographer-Brisbane-44Customs-House-Wedding-Photographer-Brisbane-49Customs-House-Wedding-Photographer-Brisbane-38 Customs-House-Wedding-Photographer-Brisbane-36Customs-House-Wedding-Photographer-Brisbane-40 Customs-House-Wedding-Photographer-Brisbane-39Customs-House-Wedding-Photographer-Brisbane-54Customs-House-Wedding-Photographer-Brisbane-53 Customs-House-Wedding-Photographer-Brisbane-42Customs-House-Wedding-Photographer-Brisbane-41





















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Creative Spotlight – George Wu Couture Thu, 12 Mar 2015 09:10:16 +0000 StudioImpressions_GeorgeWu-1


Introducing this week’s Wedding Industry Creative, fashion designer extraordinaire and downright nice guy – George Wu!   George Wu Couture creates innovative luxurious bridal gowns with impeccable attention to detail.  Seriously girls, I have been up close and personal with George’s gowns and they are exquisite, delicate masterpieces of lace and love.   There is something ethereal in a George Wu gown.   But not only does he create wedding gowns to die for, George is funny. Really funny, and such great company. That’s why I couldn’t choose which portrait to post of him – the serious craftsman, or the George we know having a good old laugh at himself.   If you are in the market for an amazing gown, do check out George and his work, we’ve included a few samples below, but there is so much more.


StudioImpressions_GeorgeWu-2 StudioImpressions_GeorgeWu-3StudioImpressions_GeorgeWu-8 StudioImpressions_GeorgeWu-4StudioImpressions_GeorgeWu-7 StudioImpressions_GeorgeWu-6



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