Monthly Archives: August 2008

30 Aug 2008

August Exposure at Seaworld

A good friend of mine Rob Heyman also put on a fantastic learning experience for photographers this month.  August Exposure was held on the Gold Coast at the fantastic Seaworld Nara Resort, organised by Rob and included many great speakers.  I had the opportunity to speak alongside Yervant who is always great to share experiences with.  Thanks Yervant & Rob for a great time and thanks to all that attended my small part in August Exposure and for the great […]

30 Aug 2008

Adobe Lightroom 2

Adobe Launches Lightroom 2 & the Creative License story August sees the launch of a ground breaking new technology with the introduction of Adobe Lightroom 2.  With the invention of the non-destructive brush tool a whole new world will open up for many photographers around the world.  I am an avid believer of delivering the highest quality product for our client, so it is part of the approach in our studio to shape images to communicate the story and Lightroom […]

30 Aug 2008

Sara & Peter Documentary

Sara and Peter are a great couple who allowed me to test a new concept on them during their recent Sydney engagement shoot. Studio Impressions is really excited to be entering a new era of photography.   An emergence of new technologies and mediums have resulted in the ability to merge of moving cinematic images with still photography in ways that did not exist for photographers before. Sara and Peter agreed to allow me to video their engagement shoot in Sydney, […]

21 Aug 2008

Baby Gift Box

We have found a really cool gift box company that sends THE most special gift boxes for new born babies. As over 5 of our close friends (including 2 of our staff) had babies this year, we’ve done a bit of searching to find some really tasteful and special gifts. Baby Gift Box has great stuff. Cathie, the owner is an amazing woman – who also just had a baby herself. Congrats Cathie & welcome to the world Baby Alana! […]

20 Aug 2008

New Family Members

Studio Impressions’ New Mums!  With only a small team that are like family to us, it is always exciting when a major event occurs for one of our staff.   This month two of our staff experienced a life-changing event each with the birth of their first child.   Our amazing digital artist and second shooter, Alex Kwintowski gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Kaya, and not to be outdone, just one week later our portrait photographer, Tania Brown, gave birth to […]