Monthly Archives: June 2009

30 Jun 2009

Home Sweet Home

It has been a very busy few weeks!  Three continents later, I’m now very happy to be back in Australia. XXV, Portland USA For me, the highlight of the trip was being in picturesque Portland with some of the finest portrait photographers from around the globe at the XXV Summit.  Society of XXV was started 20 years ago with a membership that is invitation only.  As a new member I found that XXV is a dynamic group of talented photographers with a passion to share, grow […]

30 Jun 2009

May Weddings

Jacqueline and Steven :  St Stephens Chapel and Montrachet.  Designer – Darb Couture Kellie and Adam : Private Residence, Auchenflower.  Designer: Hilde Heim Crystal and Phillip :  Broadway Chapel and Snug Harbour. Carolyn and Benjamin :  Restaurant II. Designer – Darb Couture Jade and Chris :  La Trobe Chapel and The Charles Ginn Art Gallery Paddington. Designer – MXM Christine and David :  St Bernard’s Church and Customs House. Danyelle and Dominic :  St Lucia Catholic Church and Watt Restaurant. […]

08 Jun 2009

The $129 Camaro

There are often times when I’m traveling or even photographing a wedding for that matter where some of the greatest experiences and images i capture is on route to the destination, rather than the destination itself.  So not to be deterred by another 6 hour delay and arriving in a city that was never on the schedule.  I knew that something great must come from this experience. I was traveling to the XXV photography summit in Portland with the powerhouse […]

08 Jun 2009

Stephen King Novel

I came across this house north of Portland and it truly felt it was straight out of a horror film.  There was certainly an uneasy feel to the place,  It was like being on a movie set. It wasn’t til the next day running through the photographs with Jed Taufer of V Gallery that he recognized the house from the cover of a Stephen King novel.  I was also quick to learn that Stephen King was born in Portland and […]

07 Jun 2009

Maine, USA

For the last 5 years now I have been travelling to the USA on an annual basis, but it has really only been this year that I have made the time to visit some of the most spectacular places that the United States has to offer.   On an earlier trip this year I visited Zion National park and I loved every moment of being in that beautiful place.   On this trip I have had the chance to explore the coastline of Maine and […]