Monthly Archives: February 2010

19 Feb 2010

St Petersburg – Shoot at the Hermitage Museum

I have just finished shooting a once in a life time assignment, photographing a couple in the Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg, a museum that rivals the Louve in Paris and the National Gallery in London. It was a rare opportunity to use one of the premier museums in the world as the location for the wedding shoot.  It was a breathtaking experience where I had unrestricted access for the day.  Photographing around original works by Rubens, Leonardo, Raphael, Cezanne, […]

18 Feb 2010

Cocktails Carats & Couture Is On Again

When you first start planning a wedding the sheer number of suppliers for different wedding products and services can be very overwhelming.  How do you really be sure you will get true quality and great service from those that say they provide it?   For the last three years we have been working with Gianni Events at Portside to make solving this problem a little easier by  bringing together some of the best wedding specialists for an annual cocktail party […]

10 Feb 2010

Blogged Out!

Regular followers of our blog might be wondering where I’ve been the last few months.  While I can sometimes be accused of laziness (usually by my wife as she looks at the state of our yard on the weekends), it isn’t the reason I haven’t been posting for the last few months!   After our last post it appears that one of those gremlins that sometimes leap into your computer systems and confound everything, made it’s way into our blog and […]