Monthly Archives: April 2011

27 Apr 2011

Birth of a professional photographer

Over the weekend, I was reminded of my former career and my birth as a photographer. I was photographing two truly epic weddings and at each, like at many weddings, I get asked “What did you do before becoming a photographer?”.  As many already know I was a banker.  It is interesting how banking prepared me for my photography life and even my short stint certainly helped with my success. As a young employee experiencing mergers, take overs and uncertainty in my career, taught me that change […]

21 Apr 2011

Brigid & Dale

I’m not a big football follower.  Actually I don’t follow much sport at all anymore – except under 6 soccer.   It isn’t because I don’t like my sport.  I do.  I love a day at the cricket with my mates or heading to a great rugby match.  I have a favourite team across all codes of footy, and I used to be a legend amongst my mates on weekends because we once lived in walking distance to Ballymore.   But, the last […]

18 Apr 2011

Ainsley & Matthew

One of the many things I love about weddings is the characters you meet.   Weddings really bring out the best in people.  You see people at their happiest and often, at their funniest.    Ainsley & Matthew had a classically stylish wedding, traditional in its ceremony, yet FULL of character.  Or was that characters. It all started at Ainsley’s parent’s house where the whole family were clearly having a great time already.   I think I became the butt of the jokes as they all […]

18 Apr 2011

Studio Impressions in Print

Last week the 34th Edition of the Canon Australian Professional Photography Awards book arrived on my desk.   In this book are the award winning images from the last AIPP awards, in 2010.   These prints represent some of the best photography in Australia for that year. I couldn’t help but be proud to see every photographer in our Studio represented in this book.   What many people don’t realise is that in addition to Adam & I there is a small team of people […]

12 Apr 2011

Skye & Poe

A lot of people say I’m a big softy, but even if I was the hardest nut to crack, this wedding would have moved me to tears.   For if I’m a big softy, then you haven’t met Poe.   He is responsible for one of the gentlest moments I’ve ever experienced at a wedding. Poe married Skye at the Couran Cove Resort on South Stradbroke Island.   Straddie is renowned for its beautiful beaches, great surf and is one of my favourite […]