Monthly Archives: October 2011

28 Oct 2011

Love you forever | Vanessa & Robert wedding at Spicers Peak

Two nights ago, after a late wedding enquiry, I arrived home just on bedtime for my 3 little boys.  One of my 6 year old, Evan, had a book under his arm and pleaded for me to read it to him.  If only I’d realised I was being set up.   I confess that I am not the best of readers, but a children’s book is usually within my grasp… until this book.   Like all good children’s books this one had a solid, repeatable theme.  Except […]

27 Oct 2011

Unforgettable Moments, Lasting Impressions | Spicers Peak

This week’s “Unforgettable Moment…” is a sneak peek from a recent wedding up at Spicers Peak Lodge, located just a few hours drive west of Brisbane.

25 Oct 2011

BALI in Black and White

It’s no secret that I love travelling to Bali, be it to photograph a wedding, a portrait, or even just to holiday.  It is one of my favourite places on Earth.   Over the years I have made many great friendships there and found that Bali is whatever you want to make of it.   Just like anywhere else, beyond the tourist strip lies a whole different place where the day to day life of the people that live there varies so […]

20 Oct 2011

Sara & Zac’s Hillstone Wedding

Adam recently photographed the wedding of Sara & Zac, a great couple with smiles that warm your heart.   Adam took some stunning images of their ceremony at St John’s Cathedral.   I love these images because you can feel the combination of the intensity of their love and the seriousness of the commitment that Sara and Zac are making to each other in these images.  Sometimes with all the detail we forget just how momentous this day is, and how important […]

14 Oct 2011

Brisbane Wedding – Kate & Jackson

Aristotle said ” friendship is a single soul dwelling in two bodies”. Maybe he had met Kate and Jackson in an earlier life. I am sure these two were destined to be together and that it was written in the stars somewhere a long time ago.  They are just right for each other. When I photographed their wedding, I felt like I was photographing two close friends. This was a stellar wedding, very unique to the other George family weddings […]