Monthly Archives: November 2011

15 Nov 2011

Sydney Wedding – Lauren & Allan

Last night I was looking through some old CDs and found one I hadn’t listened to for ages and put it on while I worked on some of Lauren & Allan’s wedding images.   When the last track started playing I had to smile.  It was the song that played during the ceremony the day I married Penny.  The song is “True Companion” by Marc Cohn.  It is now such an old song, but it still describes how I feel about choosing someone to […]

03 Nov 2011

Found Treasure

I woke up this morning and my weekend photography project had disappeared – loaded onto the back of a truck and taken to be recycled, dumped, buried, discarded.  Little parts of people’s lives forming one large pile of rubble. It had been council curbside collection week in our local area and as I carted our junk onto the footpath I couldn’t help but notice the buzz all this “junk” had created.   People coming from everywhere to rummage through other people’s trash, marvelling […]