Monthly Archives: December 2011

21 Dec 2011

Brisbane Wedding – Julie & Ronald

From some of the trends I’ve seen in weddings I think there might be a misconception that big church weddings aren’t as personal as small gatherings of friends & family at an outdoor ceremony.   Here is a wedding that proves that even a grand cathedral wedding can be intimate.    I love this wedding.  This wedding shows that it doesn’t really matter where you have your ceremony, or what colour theme your choose or styling details you labour over, what makes a wedding truly memorable is the couple.  […]

12 Dec 2011

Noosa Wedding – Keirra & Chris

I have to share with you the wedding of Keirra & Chris.   Chris is a fireman and Keirra is a professional netballer who plays for the Queensland Firebirds.   And… it is all I can do not to make a series of cliches here like “this wedding was on fire” or “lighting up the room” or “a hot couple”….oh so many obvious catch phrases.  I have no doubt that there is plenty of fire between this couple, but just look at these photos & you will see why I can’t trivialise their relationship with […]

01 Dec 2011

Pre wedding destination photography in Bali with Charisse and Aldo

There are many wonderful locations in the world to have your pre wedding photography shoot and Bali is definitely one of them.  Here are a few of the images from Charisse and Aldo’s shoot in Indonesia.