Monthly Archives: January 2012

30 Jan 2012

Toni & Daniel

Regardless of the weather, lovers are still getting hitched.  So despite all the upheaval the recent rains have brought, we have found a little bit of peace and happiness in all the weddings we have photographed these past few months.   At least those dark clouds look great in the images I took at Toni & Daniel’s recent wedding. I’ve been meaning to share this fantastic wedding for quite a few weeks now.   Toni & Daniel are just the nicest couple you could meet.  You can […]

27 Jan 2012

Choosing your Wedding Photographer

Regular readers of our blog would have worked out that we do a lot of weddings on the Sunshine Coast.   And why not?   The Sunshine Coast & surrounding hinterland offers so many unique places for a wedding.  The new Sunshine Coast Brides Magazine has hit the shelves and this edition they asked Studio Impressions to draw on our experience as wedding photographers to give their readers some tips on choosing a photographer.   Click here for a link to the article and my personal thoughts on choosing […]

27 Jan 2012

Brisbane Wedding | Cheryl & Tim

Here is another beautiful wedding from the end of 2011 that I’m only now sharing with you.  I have to get faster at this, I know! Cheryl & Tim actually had their wedding planned for 2012, so maybe I’m ahead of the game on this one. You know how sometimes in life things just don’t go according to plan? Well, I’ve always thought that there are two kinds of people. Those that throw their hands up and give it all […]

19 Jan 2012

Marie & Fabio – Brisbane Wedding

There are some weddings where the images just tell you so much about the people.   The love between the couple just oozes off the page, and the expressions of their family and friends tell you all you need to know about what kind of people they are.  This is one of those weddings.  Add to that the size of their bridal party and a jam-packed dance floor and you just KNOW that Marie & Fabio are great people. Marie and Fabio first met over […]

09 Jan 2012

Customs House Brisbane Wedding – Deanne & Steve

I am really looking forward to the weddings I am going to get to photograph this year. The couples I have met so far have some really beautiful plans for their weddings. I realise though that there are still so many great weddings from 2011 that I still haven’t shared on this blog. So I am going to try to post a few more from last year in the coming weeks before I start sharing our 2012 brides with you. Deanne & […]