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26 Apr 2012

Adelaide Hills Wedding – Linda & Steve

Linda & Steve got married at  Mount Lofty House in the beautiful Adelaide Hills.   This place, this wedding, was nature at its glorious best. Steve is Irish.  He moved to Australia some time ago.   Linda is German.  She was travelling through Australia.  Steve saw Linda on a tram.  They instantly hit it off.  Two people from completely different parts of the world in the same country at the very same moment, find each other.  Funny how one moment in one day can change your life. […]

20 Apr 2012

Wedding Inspiration – Veils & Hair Pieces

Working my way through the full bridal ensemble ………this week I’ve been looking at headpieces and veils. To veil or not to veil?  That is the question.  Personally, I think it doesn’t matter – it can ALL look fabulous as our gorgeous brides have shown here. Fresh flowers, a 6 metre train, a fascinator, a little bling……. it isn’t every day you get the chance to wear something extravagant on your head, so go on, make a statement! Check out our other wedding inspiration posts

03 Apr 2012

Wedding Inspiration – Shoes

And to go with our recent post on dresses, what else do we need?   SHOES!!!   Oh yes. You know, Marcus says that he doesn’t get my obsession with shoes.  Looking at these images, I think he does.  Just a little bit.  Some of these are Adam’s images too of course, but he loves shoes just as much as me I think! Aaaahhhhh…….shoes.   I may get married again just to slip on some divine footwear like this.   I can’t tell where you can get exactly the shoes we […]

01 Apr 2012

Gold Coast Wedding – Kaitlin & Scott

It is a glorious day in Brisbane today.   Big blue skies, soft sunshine.  It reminded me a lot of the weather the day of Kaitlin & Scott’s wedding.   A PERFECT day to be married in a stunning location close to the Gold Coast. Kaitlin & Scott’s wedding was something like a fairytale.  I watched the flowergirls at this wedding just looking at Kaitlin in awe.  I just know they thought she looked like a princess and that they had walked straight into […]