Monthly Archives: January 2013

21 Jan 2013

Bowral Wedding

Nature has a way of sending you signs.   When things are out of balance, nature brings things back in line.   When things are as they are meant to be nature surprises you with something beautiful. Married in Bowral at beautiful Milton Park .  I couldn’t resist capturing the rolling hills and vast fields this farm country has to offer, so I took them  into some paddocks for the location shoot.   Unexpectedly a few horses galloped towards them to join […]

04 Jan 2013

Wedding Photography Workshop on CreativeLIVE

A lot of photographers have been asking me when I’m going to run another workshop.  Well the answer is February 6th, 7th & 8th.  And it will be FREE.   Am so excited to be giving my next workshop on creativeLIVE!   So anyone can watch it free online, live from Seattle.   Just register at www.creativeLIVE.com It’s going to be a practical workshop giving you a behind the scenes look at my wedding photography.   I will be doing actual shoots & breaking […]

02 Jan 2013

Happy New Year 2013

So here we are, another year started.   So much to look forward to.   Every year I start with a post on my favourite image from the year before.   Usually I post 1 image & usually it is not a wedding.  While I love this image above, this year, I’m posting more than one image.  I’m posting a little piece  of wedding photography + videography that we did at the wedding of Stanley & Dorothy in Bali, in July at Alila […]