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14 Feb 2013

Bali Wedding – Dorothy & Stanley

Today is Valentine’s Day.  Perfect for sharing a real love story.  At the beginning of my preview video for creativeLIVE  ( you can read the post here if you don’t know what I”m talking about) I told the story of Dorothy & Stanley.  I photographed their wedding in Bali last year and they were just one of those couples that captivated me.   They know each other so well, and their love is so solid that there is no pretense.  […]

04 Feb 2013

Guam Wedding – Yumee & Chris

Time to share with you my last wedding for 2012, and it was something special. Yumee and Chris live in New York.  Yumee is Korean but grew up in Guam and her family still live there.   So, in the holiday break between Christmas and New Year, Yumee returned to Guam to marry Chris, surrounded by their family and friends and the warm and loving community on Guam. There are so many stories to tell about this wonderful weekend.  So many […]