Our twin boys turned five this week.  I cannot believe it.  They are funny, active, perfectly healthy little boys and we are so very very lucky to have them.

Ironically, this week I went back to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and Special Care Units at the Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital to do a job (well kind of).   Every year Penny helps to organise the RBWH Butterfly Ball to raise funds for perinatal research, specifically a project called the BRAIN project.  This year, thanks to the generous help of Leah Rush from RUSH Entertainment, Katie Noonan has agreed to come on board as an ambassador for the cause and entertainment for this year’s ball.   Penny asked me to do a shoot of Katie at NICU (some pics below).   We didn’t realise until the day that it was almost exactly 5 years that I was last standing in those rooms.  Back then, it wasn’t a happy occassion, as we really thought we would lose at least one of our boys, if not both.   So did the doctors.

Needless to say, it was a tougher shoot than I expected.

Well, I am writing this because it reminds me how lucky we are, and how not everyone is quite so lucky.  BUT there is a team out there, led by Professor Paul Colditz that are working hard every day to make sure other people like you don’t go through the pain that Penny & I did and, that if you do, your outcome is as good as ours.   I wish that for the families there today.

Prof Colditz and his team deserve our support.    You can buy a ticket to the RBWH Butterfly Ball at www.rbwhbutterflyball.com and seem Katie perform live.   You can also follow the lead up to the event on facebook.  Otherwise you can simply donate to the RBWH Foundation.

May there be many more families in future saying Happy Birthday to their healthy five year old miracles!    Happy Birthday Rohan & Evan.

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