As I make my way home after an inspiring weekat WPPI,  at home it is a national day of mourning for the victims of the recent Victorian bushfires.

Australia is a big, beautiful country and my home in Brisbane sits between the tragic fires in Victoria and the seemingly never-ending floods in North Queensland.  It seems that as Australians we all love the bush and the rugged landscape that is our home.  It is something deep within us and maybe it is what makes a wedding photographer passionate about shooting landscapes.  These last few weeks though have been a stark reminder of how random and unforgiving the force of nature can be, and of the respect our environment deserves.

I cannot fathom the loss experienced by the people of fire-ravaged Victoria.  My thoughts are with them, and especially with all those who lost loved ones.  I am uplifted though by watching people who made it through the firestorm having lost everything they own, express their joy at still having their family, simply alive.  These people are showing the world what matters most.

In these times, we are reminded that the love of family and the shoulders of friends, and the strength of community is what life is all about.  That busy week I had last week, and those couple of bad days when things didn’t go according to plan – well they weren’t so bad after all.     I have a place to sleep tonight, and I have a family waiting for me at home.

Today stop and think about those who are so profoundly affected by things beyond their control.  Give deep for those that really need it.  Everyone at Studio Impressions has and we encourage everyone, especially all Australians, to give what they can.  To donate go to :

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