2008 has been an incredible year for all of us at Studio Impressions and I wanted to share with you some of the really exciting things that have come our way.

We have travelled the globe running seminars & workshops, guest speaking & shooting weddings.  We have been invited to take the portraits of some truly inspiring people, and met more inspirational people through some of the charity work we have been doing this year too.   I’ve been honoured to be part of the Adobe Creative License and Adventure Tour Team (humbled and thrilled to say the least).  We had a successful year at WPPI and APPA taking out Australian Wedding Photographer of the Year.   I’m really excited to say that my colleague and friend Adam Finch also got his Masters of Photography!   You will find posts from both Adam and myself on the blog in future.

Also this year, we have been a privileged part of the special day of over 90 couples – thank you to all our fantastic wedding couples!  Our team has also undergone some changes as two of our staff started families of their own – Tania gave birth to baby Kaden and Alex gave birth to baby Kaya – within a couple of weeks of each other!   We are very excited to have Gabe Veit & Nicola Poole join us while Tania & Alex are away.

Finally we have undergone a transformation!  Studio Impressions has a new logo and a new look studio.  Coming soon is our new look website (can’t wait) and this is our new look blog.  Would love to hear what you think.

So that we don’t overwhelm you  with our first post, I’ve backdated posts to cover all the events that have been happening each month.   I hope you find it worth the read!

Fave Pics

To kick off, I’ve posted a story about my current favourite pic that, in a way, describes why I love photography so much……

Preparing for a fashion shoot I ran into the father of Brad Webb, one of Australia’s finest fashion designers, DARB Couture.  A couple of months ago we undertook a special project for Brad so he could surprise his parents for their 50th Wedding anniversary.  We put together an album that spanned the last 50 years of their marriage.  Brad sneakily gathered many of their special photos including a few from their wedding and we compiled a beautiful album to celebrate the life they’ve shared together.  I was unable to attend the special event that was celebrated at one of my favourite venues to shoot, the Stamford Plaza in Brisbane, but I hear they really loved the gift.  Brad’s Father told me that it brought home to him how the value of these images and the  appreciation they have for them, aren’t truly realised until they are at least 30 years old.  This is when they become truly special.

This is something I’ve also felt when capturing photos for my clients.  I feel truly fortunate to be able to give them something that I know will only grow in personal value to them over time.  I know I feel this way about some images of my family – like this image from the day my first son Jackson was born 4 years ago.  Each day this is more special to me, and I know it will be special to his children and their children too.

The day after this conversation I was coincidentally photographing a wedding where the bride was wearing one of Brad’s amazing creations, under his label “Darb bridal Couture”.  During Fiona and Lenard’s wedding reception I noticed Lenard’s little sister talking with her Grandmother in a wonderful moment together, so I grabbed a quick shot of the moment.  I couldn’t help thinking to myself that she will love this image when she sees it for the first time, but she will love it even more in 30 years time.  I hope this will become a special image for this little girl.  One day she may reflect on it when her own daughter marries or perhaps she will look at it and reflect how the love and guidance of her grandmother helped to shape the woman that she becomes.

It can be powerful how a fleeting moment today can stay with us forever and in 30 years time help us understand our past, and maybe even help us better understand our future.  If nothing else, these images let us just simply enjoy the present in a way we often don’t get time to do.

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