Happy New Year!  We have been quiet with posts lately because this is the time of year when Marcus & I disconnect a little from work to just be with family.  We have always believed that family matters above all else – even when sometimes you don’t really like what members of your family might say or do or how they might act.  To us, it is their fundamental presence in our life that is important.  Family is what you make it.   We are lucky to have a big, crazy, hard-to-work-out-how-everyone-fits-together extended family and while it is sometimes confusing to explain who is a cousin & who is an aunt to our 3 young boys, it gives me nothing but joy when we get together to see my sons relax into the vibe of being among this group of people. This family gives them a sense of belonging that cannot easily be defined and can never be replaced.  The family we are part of is largely not one we have chosen (no-one does) – it is the one that has been chosen for us.   In 2015 we were reminded to cherish it.

To start the new year we would like to share two weddings that are extra special because they are from our own family.   This blog covers two weddings (so get a drink & settle in people) – Chantelle & Chris and Gyan & John.  Chris & Gyan are brother & sister, and Marcus is their uncle, and I can’t tell you the pleasure he got from photographing their weddings.  When you photograph a family wedding it provides a deep reminder of the importance of the images you are taking.  By photographing these weddings, Marcus was asked to document part of his own family history.  These are moments that he didn’t just see, they are moments that he felt.  I know he will take that feeling to all the weddings he photographs in 2016 and beyond.  We hope these weddings inspire you to enjoy the time that is given to you with whatever family that you have.


Chris & Chantelle recently returned from the overseas adventure of a lifetime, stronger for it and surer of their love.  Their wedding was filled with little touches that Chantelle sourced herself or that were handmade by Chris and represented their love of nature. The expansive grounds of Maleny Retreat, couldn’t have been more perfect for these two with a backdrop of the most amazing view of the Glasshouse Mountains. Extra special because Chris’ family lives not far from those mountains so when I looked at that view I thought of Chris’ family home and how he and his brother & sister had grown.  They held their ceremony in the centre of a spiral aisle.  Spirals are sacred, everywhere in nature and some believe spiritually mark the path to the inner soul.  How perfect to walk past the people that love you to find yourself standing with the person that fills your soul. When the sun had set, the fires were lit and the party under the Tipi began. There was so much meaningful detail in this wedding I would need to write another post – but that is not the point of this post.  I think you will see from the faces on all of us in these images what this wedding was really about – and what it meant to us.

Maleny-Country-Wedding-Bride Maleny-Country-WeddingMaleny-Country-WeddingMaleny-Country-Wedding-Tepee--20 Maleny-Country-Wedding-Tepee--6Maleny-Country-Wedding Maleny-Country-Wedding-Tepee--11 Maleny-Country-Wedding-Tepee--12Maleny-Country-Wedding-CoupleMaleny-Country-Wedding-Tepee--9 Maleny-Country-Wedding-Tepee--15   Maleny-Country-Wedding Maleny-Country-Wedding-Tepee Maleny-Country-Wedding-Tepee--21Maleny-Country-Wedding-Tepee--23 Maleny-Country-Wedding-Tepee--22


Then it was off to Bali where Chris’ sister Gyan married her perfect match John.  John & Gyan’s wedding would have always been special – they just have that thing between two people – you know that thing, when you’re single and you see it, you wish more than anything that you will find it.  Well, sometimes you do.  Bali, however, made this wedding all the more special.  Gyan’s family have spent a lot of time there over the years and have many local friends (which came in handy when many of them were subsequently grounded there for weeks thanks to that erupting volcano). This also meant that we were all treated to some local Balinese customs in honour of Gyan & John including a very special Hindu blessing for a respected holy man – something even they did not expect. All the little details just came together – a lot of them at the last minute – but Gyan & John were determined not to get stressed.  Gyan was gorgeous in a dress she bought online made from recycled lace with a few adjustments done by her mum.  The reception location was moved at the last minute and when a crane drove into the wedding backdrop to set up for the full moon festival, John & Gyan just laughed & decided to use it for their location shoot. As beautiful as everything was, that attitude is what really made this wedding special and it is what we love about Gyan & John – already they know what really matters in marriage.

In a few short months, these two weddings extended our family further.  While each wedding was very different, a common thread ran through them joining all of us and our families, together. Chris & Chantelle & Gyan & John, we are forever grateful to be bound in that thread with you.

Bali-Wedding-Photography Bali-Wedding-Photography-Bride Bali-Wedding-Photography-5Bali-Wedding-Photography-2 Bali-Wedding-Photography-Ceremony Bali-Wedding-Photography-7  Bali-Wedding-Photography-9 Bali-Wedding-Photography-10   Bali-Wedding-Photography-13 Bali-Wedding-Photography-CoupleBali-Wedding-Photography-16 Bali-Wedding-Photography-Entrance Bali-Wedding-Photography-17 Bali-Wedding-Photography-18 Bali-Wedding-Photography-19 Bali-Wedding-Photography-1 Bali-Wedding-Photography-Dance












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  1. Wonderful! John and I still can’t believe how lucky we were to have Uncle Marcus and the Studio Impressions team capture such an amazing time in our lives. The comments we receive on our wedding photos around the house are always wonderful and go above & beyond positive. Thank you again for making that amazing week and especially the big day even more special…it will be cherished forever.

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