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Owner, creative director and principal photographer at Studio Impressions.

Marcus Bell is a multi-award winning and highly acclaimed photographer; praised as one of the world’s best. His love for photography was inherited from his late father, who passed away when Marcus was only young. His father left behind his beloved camera; an item that would become the central outlet for Marcus’ burgeoning creativity. Starting his career in Europe – young-minded and eager to learn – Marcus travelled extensively, developing his love for street and art photography, utilising scale and landscape to capture the grandness of the world through his eyes. However it wasn’t until a friend’s wedding, where – as a guest – he noticed that the most memorable, ephemeral yet unplanned moments were not being photographed. It was the 90s after all, an era that followed a shot list, and favored the staged and posed. It was in this moment, Marcus realised the images being taken were not a true representation of the bride and groom and their day. Using his own camera, he captured off-the-cuff, spontaneous, yet telling moments of the couple and their guests.

Being a self-confessed romantic, it was the intricate details, life’s little flashes, genuine beauty, and spontaneous moments brimming with meaning that became the focal point of Marcus’ work. He sought to tell a real story of real people through his stills – eliciting emotions and portraying the honest love and connection shared between each couple, their family and friends – rather than contrive moments that weren’t authentic to the day.  It was this approach that spurred a change to wedding photography, as we now know it. His passion for the landscape and grandeur also saw Marcus defy scope and create something that had never been done before; placing couples in expansive, dramatic landscapes, shooting breathtaking frames that experimented with the element of scale (a style now dubbed “weddingscapes”). Pushing the boundaries with fearless originality, his documentarian approach together with his iconic landscape shots went global, propelling Marcus into the international space, making him one of the most celebrated, awarded and published wedding photographers in the world. It was Marcus’ genuine love for what he does and his unequivocal talent behind the lens that made him one of the most experienced and notable wedding photographers of his day. Revered by the BBC as being one of the top ten wedding photographers from around the world that were changing the industry, Marcus became renowned throughout the world for his distinct style; his work published on the pages of leading publications, while he was awarded the greatest accolades for his craft. American Photo Magazine listed Marcus as one of the top 10 wedding photographers in the world, while the BBC placed him in the top 5 Masters of Wedding Photography. In Australia he was the youngest photographer ever to be awarded the title “Grand Master” by the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP), the highest photography accolade in the country. He has been honoured with a Fellowship by the Master Photographers Association (MPA) in the United Kingdom and granted his Masters with Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) in America. Marcus has also been named Australian Wedding Photographer of the Year three times and his international awards include the highly coveted Grand Award for Photojournalism at the WPPI Awards in the USA, and the prestigious International Wedding Print of the Year at the Prix de la Photographie in Paris.

He became the author of bestseller “Masters Guide to Wedding Photography” – a bible to many wedding photographers – and thanks to his extensive expertise in photography, he has also been recognised by industry leading companies such as Nikon, Epson, Sandisk, Eizo, X-rite and Wacom, who have all chosen Marcus to be a brand ambassador for their products. After pioneering the wedding photography industry, Marcus launched Studio Impressions in 1998 and with a history spanning 20 years, Studio Impressions is a result of Marcus’ unwavering love for his craft. With Marcus at the helm, the leading photography studio, based in Brisbane Australia, is a collective of close-nit and like-minded creatives, akin to his talent.


AIPP Grand Master of Photography

Marcus’ natural ability to capture the spirit and character of the people he photographs is very much influenced by his own life experiences, moments that have shaped who he is as a person.   It's human connections that draw's Marcus to the emotions expressed between loved ones at wedding's. He's a strong believer how these life expereice's shapes how each photographer see's the world around them and importantly what triggers them to capture it. In practice this is how you could have ten photographers at a wedding, with all missing  a pivotal moment as  they may not have been able to identify with that moment themselves.

After loosing his father at an early age to cancer, it was some years later when he started to pick up the camera that it was apparent how influential these monumental moments in his early years and the years since that has shaped the photographer that he has become today.  Marcus went onto write a book "Masters Guide to Wedding Photography" about these experiences and has inspired thousands of photographers since.

Married to Penny for some twenty plus years, they have three boys, Jackson and twins Rohan and Evan.  If you take a peek on Insta stories you will also likely come across  their fur baby "Cleo", a white Golden Retriever who's passion is chasing down a muddy rain puddle with hilarious results.  It's now a combination of the couples he photographs, their families and his own family that continues to not only inspire him but also shapes who he is and in turn the images he captures.   Photography is his way of giving others a record of their love, those meaningful moments to hold onto forever. He loves it. And it shows.







Weddings are at the forefront of our work – we have a tendency to follow romance wherever it leads us, travelling all around the world to capture our couples’ special day, from America, Bali, Taiwan, Guam, Russia, Japan, Fiji, Italy, England and of course, Australia – there’s no place we won’t venture to in the name of love. We shoot a maximum of 30 weddings a year, with a strong focus on producing quality work, rather than that of quantity. While weddings are what we are renowned for, it is not all that we do – from the moment our wedding photography was recognised and revered; the requests to bring the same look and feel into other commissions began. We take our love for documentarian-style storytelling and insert this into every project we carry out, and as we are extremely passionate about photographing people and capturing the many moments that hold importance in their lives, we have developed a specialty in newborn and portrait photography. A natural progression for so many of our wedding couples, it soon became that way for us, with many of our clients entrusting us to record the early stages of their little one’s life. We also work with clients, documenting their child’s life over the course of many years, as part of our new ‘Watch Me Grow’ series or work with families, to take natural and relaxed-style family portraits in a setting of their choice. In the business realm, we have become known for our creative eye in commercial and corporate photography, from powerful headshots and dramatic-commissioned portraitures of business leaders and those who are notable to commercial photography for advertising campaigns commissioned by world-leading brands and even food photography for some of the most discerning culinary artists, often taking place in their fine dining restaurants in Australia and across the globe. Each year we take on a limited number of commissions, in line with our wedding portfolio, as we create a diverse, and detailed body of work that exudes our style and craftsmanship, and reflects our love for what we do. Using only the finest materials, Studio Impressions also partners with the most talented professionals in the industry to produce albums, framed images, boxed sets, artworks and more and to ensure the highest quality, all the images are processed at the studio, which boasts a full production and editing suite.


  • ...In the power of photography to move people, to make them think and feel, to bring them together.
  • ...That passion can be revealed in simple gestures and touching moments expressed honestly, from the heart.
  • ...That photography connects people. It can illuminate feelings for others to see. Photography can speak louder than words.
  • ...In family trees, and the sense of self that comes from knowing you are part of something bigger.
  • ...In storytelling that is passed down through generations.
  • ...That some things should last forever.
  • ...That dreams can come true.
  • We Believe In Love.