Linda & Steve got married at  Mount Lofty House in the beautiful Adelaide Hills.   This place, this wedding, was nature at its glorious best.

Steve is Irish.  He moved to Australia some time ago.   Linda is German.  She was travelling through Australia.  Steve saw Linda on a tram.  They instantly hit it off.  Two people from completely different parts of the world in the same country at the very same moment, find each other.  Funny how one moment in one day can change your life.

The american poet, Andrew Downing wrote a poem that I swear is about Steve & Linda’s wedding “Destiny”:


A wise old mother is Nature

She guideth her children’s feet

In many a flowery pathway;

And her strong life currents beat,

Sometimes in intricate channels

As a mountain stream may run

But ever her purpose triumphs,

And ever the goal is won.

Her eyes are the eyes of Argus,

And she utters her decree:

The brook shall come to the river,

And the river shall reach the sea…….


………..But whatsoever we name it

Be it Destiny, or Fate

It leads the prince to his kingdom,

The king to his palace gate;

The lover shall taste the kisses

That grow on the maiden’s lips;

And safe, in the land-locked harbour,

Shall be moored the wand’ring ships;

And the soul shall gain its heaven

Where the white-robed angels be

And the brook shall blend with the river

And the river shall wed the sea.

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  1. Mount Lofty House is really a good place on Adelaide. Sometime wedding event on hills is looking great. Wedding event on natural environment is a really amusing thing.

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