It is Photography Awards season here in Australia.  Although it always seems to sneak up on me, I love the Awards process.  At times it is more of a love/hate relationship.  It is hard to put yourself out there.  Even after years of entering it is a confronting experience.   You are putting something you have created, up to be judged.   But the reason I do it is because it makes me stop and think about my work and it tests me creatively.  When you push yourself, you have to become a little better and in the end that makes a difference for the people who trust you to photograph them as a professional.

I’m pretty happy with how my prints went this year, but what I am most proud of is not my work, but Aurelie’s.  Aurelie really put herself out there this year and she not only just went okay, she became Runner Up Queensland AIPP Illustrative Photographer of the Year.   The smile on her face was better than any award I’ve won.  Aurelie joined our team a little over 2 years ago and has quickly become an incredible shooter, fast booking weddings of her own.   You can check out her portfolio of images in the photo gallery here.

This was just one of the many moments already this year that have reminded me how lucky I am that Studio Impressions is more than just me.  Studio Impressions was started by me, but it is really a collective of passionate talented people who love photography and how it can make us laugh or cry or argue or smile.  Each one of them is talented in their own right.  I’ve told you about Aurelie and you often see Adam’s work on this blog, but also sharing our little workspace are Karen & Tania who create cuter baby images than I can, and Gabe who is my right hand man at weddings and has recently produced some of the most beautiful albums the Studio has ever done.   And then of course, there is my wife Penny who has been there behind the scenes from the very start, by my side, building this dream of ours.  It really is a team I am super proud of.

I’ve decided it is time that you started to hear a lot more from them too.  Along with Adam’s weddings you can look forward to some future posts of weddings by Aurelie and newborns by Karen, and I have asked Penny to write a few posts of her own too.   I think it will be nice to hear a female voice now and again, starting tomorrow when I let the girls loose on the blog to share their favourite wedding fashions.

In the meantime, a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to all the very deserved Award Winners at this year’s Queensland AIPP awards.  Here are just a couple of Aurelie’s gorgeous images that scored solid silver with distinctions from the Illustrative and Wedding categories.




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  1. As a friend and sometime portrait subject of Aurelie’s, I can say that I’m delighted she’s receiving this recognition, but also a bit sad because it means I can no longer afford her services. 🙁

    Great work, everyone!

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