Here is a wedding that I just have to share.  I don’t often use the word awesome, I think it gets over used & loses its real meaning, a little like the word love – but this wedding – well it qualifies as truly AWESOME!!!

It is not often that Studio Impressions sends three photographers to a wedding.  This wedding, this couple, deserved the best we could offer, so Adam & I  both went & also took Aurelie as a third shooter.  This was a WEDDING.  A true, no holds barred, celebration of the love two people.

When I walked into the reception at Alex & Sam’s wedding it took my breath away.  I thought sophistication, opulence, grandeur, TASTE.   I hadn’t seen gold appear at a wedding for quite some time, but these guys, they did it with style.   The Hyatt Regency – Sanctuary Cove put on its best face for Alex & Sam.   It looked spectacular.   Alex got ready in the Manor Suite, and they had the ceremony in The Grange at the Hyatt, followed by the reception in the ballroom of the Hyatt.   Alex was beautiful in her Vera Wang dress with Giuseppe Zanotti shoes, and nothing was missed in the styling of this wedding, overseen by Jodie at W.edding & Co.  Flowers by Style on Q and the fantastic cake by Ideas in Icing.

But the real beauty of this wedding was between Alex & Sam.  You could have taken away all the gold and all the glamour, stripped them bare, and their smiles would have still filled every guest in the room with joy.  Sometimes a big wedding can lose a little of the feeling in the sheer logisitcs of it.  At Alex & Sam’s wedding, it was like the size of the wedding, the number of guests, the big bridal party, all just served to amplify their love.  I swear there was some kind of energy filling the room that night, & it made you feel very very happy.

Alex & Sam, thanks for choosing Studio Impressions & sharing your energy with us.  Here is just a small sample of the awesome images our team captured on the day.

Wedding guests are welcome to view all images on the online gallery.

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  1. Really great, solid, imaginative photography. Love your choice of images for each collage and love that each photograph has something unique about it. My favorite shot is the one during preparations – dresses in the background and a motion-blurred bridesmaid passing by.

  2. What an amazing wedding! You are right about the energy. Hearing your words made me feel a tingle down my spine. After I read what you said I had to take another look at the wedding photos again and I believe you actually captured the energy in them. I especially love the photo of the two flower girls looking up at the beautiful bride with the sun shining through the glass. The Hyatt Regency certainly turned it on for the bride and Groom. Another brilliant wedding on the Gold Coast!

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