Maleny Manor always provides a great back drop for beautiful wedding photos, but at the wedding of Amelia & Matthew, Maleny Manor really saved the day for me.    The day started perfectly.  Amelia was as stunning a bride as a photographer could ask for and their ceremony was intimate, touching and simple beautiful to be part of and especially to photograph.   After the ceremony, we had planned a short trip to the Glasshouse Mountains where I hoped to get some dramatic “weddingscapes”.  As the newlyweds climbed into their limos, the heavens opened up.   This was no summer shower, this was a drenching.   This kind of weather is something that used to be a rarity to a Queensland photographer, but these days, well, lets just say my wet weather gear is finally getting used…a lot.    A wet Amelia & Matthew in front of cloud covered Glasshouse Mountains wasn’t exactly what any of us had in mind, so we made the call to stay.   The upside was that Maleny Manor provides plenty of locations for fabulous wedding photography, so Amelia, Matthew and I made the most of them.   I hope you like some of the shots.

Amelia & Matthew, thanks so much for a fun day.   Rain on your wedding day is supposed to be good luck.   I don’t think you need it.    Just look at the smiles and laughter in your photos – you guys are lucky already!

Oh, & because I know that the female readers of this blog will ask (all the girls in the studio did) – Amelia’s shoes – Rodo.

Wedding guests are welcome to click on the link to view Amelia & Matthew’s sneak peek slideshow.

Wedding guests are welcome to view all images on the online gallery.

(Slideshow and gallery are password protected. Please contact Amelia & Matthew for access).

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  1. Thanks so much for your lovely words and stunning photos Marcus. We can’t wait to see our finished album!

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