So the news is out – American Photo Magazine has published their list of the Top 10 Wedding Photographers in the World – and I just happened to make the list!   Thanks to everyone that has already sent me their congratulations and well wishes via facebook & twitter.   It takes a while for it all to sink in.

For those that keep asking – why haven’t I posted?   Well, this has actually been quite a public personal achievement for me.   Sure I’ve won a few awards over the years, and for many years I’ve been duking it out with my good friends Rocco Ancora and Yervant Zanzanian (both also on the list), at the AIPP Nationals for Australian Wedding Photographer of the Year – we seem to rotate the winner – but knowing you’re good on the world stage – well that’s a whole other ball game.    Like anyone who is really passionate about their work, all you really want is to be the best you can be.  Recognition, while it is far from what drives you, helps you to know you are doing a good job.    I guess when I’ve been able to first hand see the work of people like Parker J Pfister, Jeff Ascough, Cliff Mautner and Greg Gibson, I’ve known I still have more to learn.   And I do, even with a Top 10 ranking under my belt.  That’s the great thing about this job – you don’t ever have to stop learning, growing and pushing the boundaries.

Getting on THE list, well I’m sure none of us expected it.  So like the other 9 amazing photographers, it took a bit to believe it, then it made me very happy.  But it has also come during a week of many happy things within Studio Impressions.   And while the team have been celebrating quietly with me (and sometimes loudly), my celebration is no more important than the birth of little Sharna for Tania or Adam’s recent exhibition.  Wonderful things can happen to us all – just follow your passion and love what you do -whatever goal you set yourself.

So I am very humbled to be on this list with the calibre of photographers there, and I am very thankful to all the people that helped to put me there.   Not the least of whom are my wonderful clients who trust me to do the best I can do on their most important day.   The fact is I am only as good as my clients allow me to be, and I really am very very lucky to work with the people I do.   A special thank you to Tarryn and to Zoe & Simon, whose photos grace the pages of American Photo.    Of course thanks to the great team at Studio Impressions who share my passion for creating images that really mean something, and to my supportive little family who keep it all in perspective.

I have my copy of the mag……hot off the press and air couriered via Gabe, who does our album designs and just happened to be heading home from LA the day it came out…….

American Photo have posted the article online, you can read all about it on the Pop Photo website, here.

And it was a wonderful surprise……..  four amazing Aussies on the list………

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  1. Congratulations! Most certainly a wonderful achievement, well done on constantly pushing the envelope with fabulous results.

  2. Congratulations Marcus. I have been following your work for years and am very pleased for you, your work is outstanding. Good to see you an Jonas both on the list a massive achievement for Brisbane and makes all the rest of us aspire for excellence at every wedding we shoot. Hope to catch up one day for a beer with you in the future.

  3. I was leaving New York and saw this magazine at JFK and snapped it up – felt so pround to find that the top 10 Wedding photographers had the majority came from OZ!
    Congratulations Marcus, your images are beautiful and provide me (and many others) with inspiration. LONG way off to being remotely close to where you are but I thank you for your delightful work.
    Much luck for the future.

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