I have been working on the album of Athena & Dariusz & as I look through all their images I cannot believe I haven’t yet shared this beautiful wedding on the blog!   I’m really pleased with the images I got (I hope Athena & Dariusz are too!).  I think they reflect the classic, sophisticated style of this wedding and give a nod to the traditional touches throughout the day.  But to be honest I don’t think that even these images tell the full story of just how touching, fun and full of love this day was.   Athena & Dariusz really are a great couple.   They seem to me to be romantics.   But not the dreamy, head in the clouds kind of romantics.  They are timeless, feet on the ground, filled with life and the joy of it, kind of romantics.  The important things are special to them – friends, family, tradition.   You know, what I mean – they are just lovely.

So was their wedding.   Jodie of Wedding & Co helped Athena & Dariusz plan & style their perfect day, with a little help from flowers by Sandee & Dave at Always Fabulous Flowers.  Athena wanted to create a ‘garden paradise’, and to do so, seated their guests at tables adorned with beautiful arrangements of fresh flowers, all of which filled the space with their delicious scent.  Right through to the cake by Greg from Sweetums.  The colour scheme was Oyster, vintage gold, rose and sage, and it looked perfect!  So did Athena, wearing a J’Aton Couture gown, hair by the one & only Bennie Tognini from Tognini’s Hair Skin & Body and makeup by Stacy Ponting of Locks & Lashes.

This day was a true celebration of their heritage.     They chose the amazing Greek Orthodox Church of St George as the place to combine Athena’s Greek heritage with Dariusz’ polish background.  It was a a very special place to their family as it was also the church that Athena was christened in when she was a newborn.   What a perfect symbol of moving from life with your family to creating a family of your own.   The strength and importance of Athena & Dariusz’ families were ever evident and it added a very special dimension to their day.    Athena best described it herself when I asked her…..

“The feeling of being married, surrounded by several generations of our families as well as our closest friends was truly amazing. We were both so very thankful to be able to celebrate our wedding in the presence of everyone who has contributed to our lives both independently, and as a couple. ……all members of our bridal party stood by our sides for a reason.  We wanted them to know how special they are to us.”

Their friends obviously felt the same, as their Best Man Peter travelled all the way from the United Kingdom to be there and the Groom’s Aunt & Cousin Ewa & Iwona also travelled out from Krakow, Poland.  Athena’s Godmother Esta also acted as Koumbara for Athena & Dariusz.  She had also been the Koumbara at the wedding of Athena’s parents.    Athena’s Aunt Katherine & Uncle Jean Louis also played a very special part in her day.  Jean Louis is the Executive Chef and Katherine the wedding and event organiser at the Greek Club.- their chosen venue.  What a special night they provided for this Bride and Groom.

BUT even if you stripped away all the special details that their family provided, Athena & Dariusz’ love still stands strong and forceful and romantic.   Maybe it is because of how they met….

“We met at university, toward the end of our degrees, when paired for a group assignment. Whilst it was not exactly love at first sight as our focus was devoted to the task at hand, we both knew relatively soon after, that this was the beginning of a special relationship.”

As I look through their photos, I can’t help but see that look on Dariusz’ face that tells me, this one is forever.   Their favourite song is the Aerosmith classic “I Don’t Want to Miss A Thing”.  I can almost imagine Dariusz singing it in his head as he looks at her….

” don’t wanna miss one smile, I don’t wanna miss one kiss
I just wanna be with you, right here with you, just like this
I just want to hold you close, feel your heart so close to mine
And just stay here in this moment for all the rest of time”


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