We are bad bad bloggers.   I know it has been a few weeks since either Marcus or I have posted anything at all.  Lots of good reasons why but none of them really matter to regular readers of our blog.   Just know that we will be making up for it in the coming weeks.

First I wanted to share something that did happen during our blog hiatus that made me very very proud.

The Australian Institute of Professional Photography held the 2012 National Photography Awards.   Marcus enters these awards every year and I will be honest and say I have often asked why.  Over the years I have watched him grow in his photography and I have come to not only accept but love that he always wants to do better.  Every year I smile when I see him look through hundreds of beautiful images and tell me he “just doesn’t have anything” (good enough to enter).  I remember his very first awards and how much he wanted to prove to himself that his work could stand on its own merits. All these years later, this is still exactly the same.   He honestly doesn’t care about the trophies or the titles, and we know that our clients don’t really care too much about that either.  I have learnt that photography is Marcus’ voice.  It is his way of expressing what he thinks about the world and while he doesn’t put it like this, I know he wants to always produce work that says something – that makes people feel.  The awards give him a chance to litmus test that.  And so I accept the annual craziness that is APPA. I love that he is still so passionate about it and I am quietly in awe of the consistency with which he produces beautiful images.  We often laugh about how we see the same thing so differently.  I am the lucky one in the unique position that can really see Marcus in his images, and his images, of other people’s weddings of all things, say more about him than most people know.

This year the images below earned him 2 Golds and 2 Silvers with distinctions, but more importantly, they earnt him enough “points” to get the title of Grand Master of Photography.   Unfortunately this title doesn’t come with a cape or samurai sword or even a Grand Poobah fur hat with horns (Flinstones fans will know what I mean) – it just comes with a lot of years of hard work and consistently high standards of photography.  For those of you that are not photographers, photography titles are bestowed by the AIPP based on the accrual of “points” for your photography.   In order to receive a Grand Master of Photography you must first achieve the level of Master of Photography a minimum of 5 times, and accumulate at least 65 merit points over your career, including at least 5 Gold awards and 10 Silvers with Distinction.   Now given that you only get two points when one of your images achieves a Gold with Distinction (the highest score you can get at an award), it takes a while to achieve 65 merit points.   There are not a lot of Grand Masters out there and Marcus might well be the youngest of them.

Back at those first awards, I remember how Marcus dreamed of winning a Category.  Grand Master seemed impossible.   So jokes and name calling aside (there have been many courtesy mostly of me), I couldn’t be prouder that the commitment I have seen Marcus give to his photography and the little piece of him that appears in his images, has been rewarded in what is actually a very personal achievement.  Well done you.  This is something special.

Now Grand Master Shifu, can you pack the dishwasher for me?

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