At Studio Impressions consistently good photography is what our business is based on.   Growing, improving our photographic skills and testing our abilities as photographic artists is something I value highly in my studio.    One of the great ways of testing your own ability is to put your work up against that of your peers and the best in the industry through the Australian Professional Photography Awards.   I enter these awards to push my own boundaries and grow as a photographer, and it’s for these reasons I push my team to enter.

I am so very proud to say that this year at the APPA’s two Studio Impressions Photographers came away with some very impressive awards of their own.

We all know that our bubbly and vivacious portrait photographer Nicola is great at taking portraits, but at the awards she showed her photographic art and wedding photography skills, winning 2 silvers and a silver with distinction.     Here are her award winning images with her own thoughts on each image…….

Awarded Silver. “Last year I had the privilege of photographing a friends wedding. This image captures the playfulness of their relationship.”

Awarded Silver Distinction.    “I have an ongoing passion for underwater portraiture.  I love the way fabric moves so freely when it’s submerged.  This image is voyeuristic – challenging the viewer to create their own story”.

Awarded SIlver.   “This is a portrait of my friend Anita who has just come through a period of illness. This image illustrates her ability to stand alone but remain confident.  To me, it displays her sense of strength and courage.”

Not to be outdone, Adam Finch came away with some very impressive awards also.   We all know he is an amazing wedding photographer, but he is also a fine landscape and illustrative photographer. Here are his 4 award winning shots, and why they are some of his favourites……….

Awarded Gold.  “Walking the streets of Las Vegas in search of the fabled ‘Fry’s Electronics’ store, I looked back in the direction from which I’d come to find all of the symbols that represent modern day America.  ‘Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada’.”

Awarded Gold.  “Captured on a cold morning driving in Utah with Marcus, Greg Gibson, Parker Pfister & Jason Starr, we came across a snow covered field that extended from the road all the way to the horizon.   It wasn’t until I returned home to Australia that I discovered the animal tracks in the top left hand corner of the image actually extended again over the next mound of powder white snow.”

Awarded Silver.  “On the final stretch of our US trip we stopped to pick up some food before the last push to LA and home.  I have a real passion for capturing Urban Landscapes of the mundane – searching for beauty in the seemingly monotonous and commonplace.  This is one of my favourite images of this style so far.”

Awarded Silver.  “This image of a hut along Route 66, really illustrates how the town felt as whole when I was there – almost abandoned, yet with signs of life for those willing to look.”

Congratulations and well done Nicola and Adam!

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