15 years ago when I started to get serious about photography I would look through bridal magazines and I would be in awe of one photographer that simply stood out from all the rest.  That photographer’s name was David Oliver.  At the same time I would read cover to cover and then back again (and I still do so to this day) a magazine for aspiring photographers called “Better Photography” .  The editor and main contributing photographer was Peter Eastway.   Since these early days, these two photographers have been a great inspiration to me and a major influence on my photography.

Six years since their last book, these two great friends have collaborated again to produce, what I believe is one of the finest books of photographs produced in this country.  “AWAY” is a wonderful masterpiece of Fine Art photography.   This book goes way beyond the photographers footnote claiming it is a book on travel photography.  It is much more than that.  True, the images may have been captured whilst travelling, however every image is a beautiful work of art.

“AWAY” is an exquisite book of fine art photography that showcases just how beautiful this world we live in can be.

To own your very own copy, you can purchase the book from the photographers directly by clicking on this link.  Better still, get an original print signed by the artist on your wall for daily inspiration.

To have a sneak peak of the book follow this link. Preview “AWAY”.   I hope you love it as much as I do.

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