It’s no secret that I love travelling to Bali, be it to photograph a wedding, a portrait, or even just to holiday.  It is one of my favourite places on Earth.   Over the years I have made many great friendships there and found that Bali is whatever you want to make of it.   Just like anywhere else, beyond the tourist strip lies a whole different place where the day to day life of the people that live there varies so much from the places we tourists frequent.    There are so many faces to Bali that my two favourite things to do when I’m not working are to enjoy an incredible sunset over the water or to venture into the back streets and take a little glimpse of the people that call Bali home.

If you love Bali too & want to see some more images click on the links below to view some of the recent weddings and portrait shoots we’ve photographed in Bali.

Charisse and Aldo Bali wedding

Tanya and Alek Bali wedding

Sheila and TK Bali Pre-wedding shoot

Wedding Ku Bali fashion editorial

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  1. Beautiful work Marcus as always. I remember seeing some of your personal work when you visited the UK. You obviously have a great love of the craft and it is inspiring that you can find the time to indulge that love outside of wedding photography.

  2. These are fantastic and at the same time powerful portraits. I absolutely adore the last one – the wrinkles on her face, her puffy eyes, her hands, her hair, everything!; she is so beautiful in her own way.

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