As part of my recent trip to Indonesia with the International photographic organization, Society of twenty-five, we held a photographic exhibition of iconic figures of Bali. The exhibition will be held through March at the KOMANEKA Fine Art Gallery in Ubud, Bali, before traveling to  various other locations around the world.

The gallery space an hour before it was filled with 300+ people for the opening.


Koman Wahyu Suteja and Indra Leonardi , a member of the XXV group,  curated and coordinated the prominent members of the community who have helped bring Bali to the forefront of the global community. These figures come from various background, including museum founders, visual artists, photographers, fashion and jewelry designers, architects and interior designers, musicians and music producers, gallery owners, culinary figures as well as literature and cultural icons.

Profits from the sale of the images will benefit Komunitas Anak Alam, an orphanage of Indonesian youth dedicated to educating and nurturing marginalized and disadvantaged children.  The orphanage is situated in Blandingan village, a remote area in the hills around Batur Lake caldera in Kintamani, Bali.

Pictured is a few of the beautiful children that will benefit directly from the money raised during the exhibition.


Below is a couple of the images I took for the exhibition.


Portrait of Kim Randall, Kendra Gallery of Contemporary Art


Portrait of Sophie Digby, The Yak Magazine.


Portrait of Kim Randall of Kendra Gallery, Tony Raka and Nyoman Birit of Gaya Fusion.  The Portrait was taken at the Kendra Gallery in the hip town of Seminyak and just around the corner from the funky Ku De Ta Bali.


Portrait of musician Wayan Balawan


Portrait of Satria Narada, Director of Bali TV and Newspaper.


Below:  The Society of XXV members in Bali for the exhibition.

The joint exhibition feature’s the works from XXV members, including Peter Dyer (England), Hanson Fong (USA), Indra Leonardi (Indonesia), Curt Littlecott (USA), Susan Michal (USA), Ralph Romaguera (USA), Paul Skipworth (USA), Vicki Taufer (USA) and yours truly Marcus Bell (Australia).

Sadly a few moments after this image was taken I was on a plane to the USA to speak at WPPI in Las Vegas.  Though my trip to Bali was fleeting,  I hope the images that we took continue to help raise awareness for the Orphanage and at the same time draws people to return to the magnificent country that Bali is.

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  1. Nice portrait. it really looking good. i liked it. i think Bali portrait exhibition was great.

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