I’ve photographed some fantastic weddings this year.   The ones I did in Bali during the middle of the year have to be some of my most memorable.  Each was completely unique, so personal and reflective of the couple.    It really gets the creativity flowing.  It’s been a feast for my lens this year.

This is a wedding that has some pretty spectacular styling but that isn’t what makes it so beautiful to me.   It’s that all this detail was completely sourced and put together by the Bride.  After spending a few days with Angie & Ben, everything about this wedding is totally them.   Angie has started a furniture business Fred Lives Here that takes bespoke pieces and gives them a new life, often with the help of some pretty cool artists.  So all this styling wasn’t courtesy of some magazine cutouts – this is Angie.   Then there was the food.  A feast provided by Michael of M&M Innovative Concepts, perfectly matched to Angie & Ben’s tastes.  And they chose Khayangan Estate Bali, because even though they live in Singapore now for Ben’s work, they spend a lot of time here.  That is what makes the details in this wedding stand out to me. I think it is why everyone there enjoyed themselves so much – this was a wedding where you could relax and be yourself.    And we all relaxed until the weeee hours.

Thanks Angie & Ben for inviting me into your lives for a few days.    I wish you years of Bali getaways, fun and relaxation and a lifetime of love like this.



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  1. Wonderful! Beautiful! I love the story that these pictures tell! I am amazed! Great job.

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