Today is Valentine’s Day.  Perfect for sharing a real love story.  At the beginning of my preview video for creativeLIVE  ( you can read the post here if you don’t know what I”m talking about) I told the story of Dorothy & Stanley.  I photographed their wedding in Bali last year and they were just one of those couples that captivated me.   They know each other so well, and their love is so solid that there is no pretense.  They are just at ease with each other and so it is easy to be around them.  They joke & they dig at each other like only people that have known each other a really long time do.  This kind of easiness needs trust.  Complete trust.  No doubt of the others love for you.   You know it when you see it in people.  You feel it.  It makes you smile.   That’s why I told Dorothy & Stanley’s story.  It wasn’t just because of the images they let me create with them (these guys were fantastic).  It was also because their’s is a story of true love.  Destined love.  It is funny, simple & in hindsight so obvious.   What an honour to record their wedding day for them.  The day they declared it to the world.

Dorothy & Stanley got married at Alila Villas Uluwatu.

Dorothy’s dress is a Vera Wang   and the shoes, Valentino

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Dorothy & Stanley’s story is so special, that they let me record it.  With the help of Adam, we spent a bit of time with them the day before the wedding just talking about how they met & came to know each other.   Here is the result.   I posted this on New Year’s Day as my favourite piece of work for 2012.  It still is.

Dorothy & Stanley, sometimes I get to see the kind of love story that usually only happens in the movies.   Thank you for letting me see it happen in real life.

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  1. Beautiful, Marcus, thank you for sharing. Thank you for your wonderful workshop on Creative Live, even though I don’t do weddings I really got a lot from it. I love Bali, and I love the story you told of the couple and the place! I’m sure you have another happy couple and happy client.

  2. Beautiful photographs of Dorothy and Stanley’s wedding! Funny that I can hear your voice while I read the blog post as I came by your work from your Creative Live session. I’m so glad I was able to watch – it was truly educational and inspirational! 🙂

  3. Oh wow, as beautiful as always! The image of the couple walking across the rocks with the sunset in the background is what wedding dreams are made of!

  4. Your work is absolutely amazing. I wish I would have seen you on Creative Live. Incredible.

  5. Beautiful couple. Beautiful wedding. And beautiful setting. I loved how you captured the amazing skies in Bali. I’m sure couples will be planning their Bali wedding after seeing these amazing pictures….;-)

  6. I’m fascinate on how you make us the viewers, connect in such an emotional level to a couple that we have never meet. Pure beauty!

  7. this is beyond stunning. The images you took are absolutely breathtaking and make me want to get married all over again.

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