We recently shared with you the pre-wedding photos of this couple and now it’s time for their spectacular wedding!

I got the chance to photograph the “wedding weekend” of Shaun & Taeri at Alila Villas Soori in Bali earlier this year.  Gabe came along to second shoot with me and together we got to experience one of those very special weddings that make this job so great.

Yellow is the colour of sunshine, of joy, happiness, warmth, and nourishment.  It was a perfect selection as the accent colour for Shaun & Taeri’s wedding.   That is exactly how the day felt, joyful, full of sunshine and warmth.  Time with this couple and their families was nourishment for the soul.

This fantastic event with impeccable styling was coordinated by their wedding planner extraordinaire Diana, from One & Only Bali Weddings & Events alongside the team of Bali Event Styling, and Westside who provided that lighting that I know you will all ask about.  Diana brought together such professional suppliers and created a magical setting for a magical couple. Taeri’s hair and makeup was by Yeanne & Team. The flowers by Heliconia Bali. The Cake by Ixora Cakes and the catering for their amazing party by Bali Catering Company.

Shaun & Taeri are a modern couple but they weren’t afraid to mix contemporary styling with traditional touches in reference to their cultural heritages.  For all those couples who want to step away from their cultural traditions at weddings, these guys show you how it is possible to blend the best of both worlds, and create a wedding that represents your own unique histories.

To Taeri, Shaun and your families, thank you for welcoming me into your lives for a weekend, and for entrusting Studio Impressions with the honour of capturing the moment you became husband and wife.

Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-1 Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-2 Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-4 Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-5

Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-3Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-72Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-43Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-44 Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-6

Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-9Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-8 Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-10 Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-11 Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-12Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-16 Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-14  Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-17 Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-19Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-18 Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-20 Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-21 Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-22Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-23Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-25Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-26 Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-24 Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-27 Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-28 Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-29 Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-30 Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-31

Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-32 Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-33 Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-34 Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-35 Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-36

Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-37Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-39 Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-38 Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-41 Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-45 Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-46 Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-47 Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-48Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-42


Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-52Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-51 Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-53 Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-54 Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-55 Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-56 Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-57

Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-58 Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-63 Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-60 Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-61 Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-64Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-59 Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-65 Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-66 Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-67 Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-68 Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-69 Bali-Alila-Villas-Wedding-71

















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  1. Gorgeous photos. They are all quite lovely. I especially love this wedding dress. It has so many beautiful details on it.

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