I promised it, so here it is….the to die for wedding of Vivian & Howard, through the lens of Mr Adam Finch.

Vivian is a vet (that makes her Dr Vivian) and Howard is a Restauranteur and Designer.   They both grew up in the United States and are now based in Shanghai, but married in Bali.    Their beautiful wedding was at Amanusa resort.  The private beach was perfect for both the ceremony and the pre-wedding party the night before, with the resort pool providing a fairy tale setting for their reception.    Sinly from Bali Wedding Paradise, was the magician that helped Vivian & Howard create this gorgeous day.   Some of the location shots were taken at Khayangan Estate    where Vivian & Howard stayed for a few days after the wedding.

Rather than raving on about all the girly things I love about this wedding, I asked Adam.  This is what he said:

“Things I learnt at Vivian & Howard’s wedding:

Vivian loves trees, shoes, exploring, late night McDonalds and Howard.   Howard loves scuba gadgets, anything fast with an engine, classic dance moves, whiskey and Vivian. 

I could write so much about their wedding celebrations: about how much thought was put into every element to ensure their guests had a wonderful time, about the stirring ceremony Howard’s sister conducted, about how all the groomsmen formed a band to sing for the groom or the bride singing as a surprise to her new husband or even how almost every wedding guest (myself included) ended up in the pool late into the reception.  But really all I want to say is, thank you Howard and Vivian for having me travel to capture your wedding.  I was honoured to be there.”

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  1. WOW WOW We all dream of a location like this..awesome work..just beautiful..so much joy …our job is beautiful and hard I have just got a call to do a Heartfelt Session at the hospital…. Cheers

  2. the very first image of her lipstick took my breath away and it just got better….beautiful work, beautiful art, i am inspired and intimidated all at the same time 🙂

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