15 Jan 2008

Condon Family Portraits

Mary-Lou & Chris are a fantastic couple & they have two great boys.  Now that the boys are both at school, it was time for a second family portrait.   Chris had been working on the Sunshine Coast for the past three years establishing a business, and had recently moved to a business back in Brisbane.  So we chose the Sunshine Coast beach where the family spent much of their time together over the last three years as the location for […]

30 Dec 2007

Christmas Cards

Our Studio Christmas card started out as a bit of fun years ago when we decided with tongue-in-cheek, to photograph ourselves for the card!

30 Nov 2007

The Wonder of Technology

This year my wife Penny wanted to give her Dad a small album of images of our kids.  Like all craftsmen, I am great at printing photos for others and not so good at printing out the hundreds I take of my own family.   So desperate my wife became to actually see some of the photos we have taken in the past 3 years of our boys’ lives that we bought a little picture mate so she could print out […]