Bowral Wedding – Dianna & Wan

Nature has a way of sending you signs.   When things are out of balance, nature brings things back in line.   When things are as they are meant to be nature surprises you with something beautiful.  Perhaps, on this day, nature was saying that Dianna & Wan were meant to be.

Dianna & Wan got married in Bowral at beautiful Milton Park .  I couldn’t resist capturing the rolling hills and vast fields this farm country has to offer, so I took Wan & Dianna into some paddocks for the location shoot.   Unexpectedly a few horses galloped towards them to join in the shoot.   These were gentle horses and Dianna & Wan loved every second of their company.   If that wasn’t storybook enough, as the afternoon wore on and the sunlight softened maybe a close to a hundred butterflies appeared amongst the trees.   A sign that all is as it is meant to be.   Aren’t butterflies a symbol of new life?  Perhaps this was a blessing for their new life together.

Dianna got ready in the Carriage House at Milton Park before their ceremony on the Tulip Lawn under a canopy of flowers.   The flowers, provided by Mandalay Flowers also featured throughout their reception in the Baillieu Room, including on the cake created by Antony at the famous Planet Cake.   The day was not only beautiful it ran smoothly, thanks to the planning & coordination of Susan – Susan Stanford Special Events.

Dianna had two gowns. The first a Vera Wang that she found through Helen Rodrigues in Sydney’s Neutral Bay for the ceremony, and an Alex Perry creation for the reception, both complimented by hair & makeup by Ervan Woo. The best part about her outfit I thought was the accessories.  They were all so special.  She wore the sapphire ring her Dad had given her Mum, her Great Grandmother’s gold bangle, and Diamond Earrings that her parents gave her as a symbolic gift.

Dianna & Wan, thank you for inviting me to share your wedding day.  May nature always celebrate your love and may your life be filled with little surprises.

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  1. Beautiful set of pictures. Great portraits along with excellent documentary photography. That last portrait with the flare is simply stunning!

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