I’m not a big football follower.  Actually I don’t follow much sport at all anymore – except under 6 soccer.   It isn’t because I don’t like my sport.  I do.  I love a day at the cricket with my mates or heading to a great rugby match.  I have a favourite team across all codes of footy, and I used to be a legend amongst my mates on weekends because we once lived in walking distance to Ballymore.   But, the last couple of years I have to admit I’ve lost touch.   Well, that was pretty obvious at Brigid and Dale’s wedding recently.

Brigid and Dale had their beautiful, happy wedding at the Novotel Twin Waters Resort.   Love it.  Been there many times myself and love it.   Brigid and Dale got ready though at the Grand Mercure Apartments on the Sunshine Coast.  While I was taking photos of Dale and his groomsmen I noticed that the Best Man was having trouble with his belt.  Usually this wouldn’t be a problem, but the guys had gone to a lot of trouble with a really stylish outfit suited for a beach wedding.  They were all wearing suspenders and no jackets and their belts were all on show.  The Best Man’s belt was somehow broken and just didn’t work with suspenders, so I offered him mine.   What I didn’t realise at the time was that the Best Man, now wearing my belt, was Rocky Elsom, the captain of the Australian Wallabies team.   I thought it was a bit odd when a couple of the kids at Twin Waters came up and asked to have their photos taken with him.    He was the Best Man, not the Groom after all.  Turns out Dale and Rocky have been best mates since high school.

Despite all this, neither Dale nor Rocky stole the show.  The person that really stole everyone’s attention was Brigid.  She was beautiful.  She lit up the whole venue and made everyone smile.

Now Brigid has her own story.  You see she is a bit of a connosieur and was quite particular about the cake.  It had to be Julie Whitehead Design, because she loves Julie’s cakes (can you blame her?) and I had to photograph it.  Now I always photograph the cake, but on this occassion I think I would have been sent to the scrum opposite Rocky if I hadn’t taken photos of the cake.  Not only did Brigid request it, but I got a phone call from Julie and a text reminder from my wife about it also!   It was a magnificent cake, that perfectly suited them and their wedding day, and I’m told it tasted even better than it looked.    The beautiful big flowers you see on each layer, well they are hand made, edible, chocolate flowers!  Pure art.

Brigid and Dale, thank you for making your wedding so much fun – a true reflection of the wonderful people you are.  I enjoyed every moment with you.

And Rocky, thanks for sending my belt back mate, but I would have understood if you wanted to keep it as a souvenier!

Wedding guests are welcome to click on the link to view a sneak peek slideshow of Brigid & Dale’s wedding.

(The slideshow is password protected. Please contact Brigid & Dale for access.)

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