What do you do when you have so many close friends and can’t choose who should be a bridesmaid?    Do what the beautiful Madeleine did.  Don’t have any bridesmaids, instead invite all your friends to your  Stamford Plaza hotel room to be with you while you get ready for your big day.   What a great idea.  Share that special time before you are married with all the people you have shared being single with.

I loved this idea because it was not only a great way to honor the special part that girlfriends play in a bride’s life, it also meant that Will and Madeleine’s wedding ceremony (at Brisbane City Hall) became all about just them.   This couple and their future life together.   A simple statement of the strength of being two.

Gabe did a fantastic job of capturing the feel of Madeleine & Will’s wedding, especially the relaxed atmosphere of their  Moda reception.   I know he had the best time photographing them too.   Nothing is nicer than being part of the wedding day of really nice people who are really honestly in love.

Madeleine & Will, thank you for choosing Studio Impressions. May your love grow stronger every day.




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  1. A happy married life to this pretty couple. and it looking the Wedding is so perfect and everyone get a smile on their faces to see this nice collection. Amazing clicks and nice work….

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