A few years ago I met a wonderful family when I photographed the wedding of one of their daughters Athena.   A few months ago, in the ultimate compliment, I had the absolute honor of being invited to photograph the wedding of Athena’s sister, Elizabeth.  I think I would have moved earth to photograph this wedding, not because everything about it was spectacular, but because these are truly genuine, honest, loving people.  The kind of people that make you want to be a better person just by being near them.   You will see what I mean when you look at these photos.   Both Elizabeth & Anthony’s families know how to live life filled with feeling.   They laugh easily, cry openly, hold each other tightly and dance with abandon. That people, right there, is what life is about, and is why I love weddings.

Elizabeth and Anthony were married at the  Greek Orthodox Community of St George and their reception was at The Greek Club, and it looked amazing!   After planning her own breathtaking wedding, Elizabeth’s sister Athena has followed her passion (one of the smartest & bravest things a person can do) and is now styling weddings for others through her company  Celebrating in Style. Of course there was no-one that could create a wedding more Elizabeth and Anthony, than Athena & she really did an amazing job.  Always Fabulous Flowers added to the feel with stunning floral arrangements and Sweetums created that fabulous cake.  One of my favourite moments of the day was watching Anthony totally blown away as Liz entered the room.  Her dress was  J’Aton Couture.  He could not take his eyes off her & you could see him visibly relax, like the missing part of him had finally arrived.

Elizabeth & Anthony, thank you so much for inviting me to share these special moments with you.  May every day of your life together be filled with the love of your family and friends, and may every moment together feel like that is exactly how it is meant to be.


Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-2Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-1 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-3 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-4

Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-6 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-7 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-8 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-9 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-10 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-11Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-13 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-12 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-14

Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-5Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-15 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-16 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-17Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-20 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-18 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-19 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-21 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-22 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-23 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-24 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-25 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-26 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-27

Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-29 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-30 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-31 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-32

Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-34Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-33 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-37Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-39Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-56Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-43 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-40 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-44 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-45 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-46Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-48 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-47 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-50Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-49 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-54Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-53 Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-55Brisbane-Greek-Club-Wedding-51















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  1. Lovely and magical – everything is so beautiful! The bride is so gorgeous and the groom was stunning, they are perfectly made for each other. I really love the concept as well, the church was very spectacular and obviously, everyone had fun.

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