Sometimes a little one will come through the doors of our studio for their photo session with Karen and I find myself feeling instantly calm.   There is, to me, something soothing about a newborn baby, especially one that is sleeping!  Secretly I find myself wanting to hold them and rock back and forth, like the 2am meditation that I found myself doing when our boys were little.  As tired as I was, I would think of this time as a kind of calming meditation, reminding myself that soon they would be grown so if this quite time cuddling my baby was what I needed to do right now, then it wasn’t so bad.   Of course, it wasn’t so easy to think this way when I’d had no sleep and they were screaming!   Now and then, when I see a little one, like baby William here, curled up on our blankets I remember those moments and just how special they were.


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