Some weddings just leave you feeling fantastic.

I know this wedding was like that.   Adam was the photographer at Gina & Chris’ wedding and he just keeps talking about it.  A sure sign that being there made him feel, well, awesome.

It is pretty obvious that Chris & Gina are really loving, energetic, happy people.  Genuinely in love.  Everyone here in Studio Impressions that has had the pleasure to deal with them personally has said it, and you can just see it in their photos.  You can tell they wanted their guests to have fun.  Their reception in the Ballroom of Victoria Park was a total party atmosphere.  They had so much to keep their guests entertained, a dessert bar and coffee cart complete with Vespa for a great photo op, fireworks, African Drummers and an ABBA tribute band that kept the guests dancing all night long.   Jodie from Wedding & Co helped create this party atmosphere while Jason Peppler (of Isis Restaurant and Confit Bistro fame) ensured that the guests were treated to a truly memorable meal.  It was finished off with a classically simple wedding cake by Renee Peppler from Confit Bistro.   And you can tell their guests loved it.

This is the kind of people Gina & Chris are.  They take a day that is supposed to be all about them and focus on giving their guests something special.  No wonder they are so obviously loved.

Gina wore a  Karen Willis Holmes dress and prepped for her big day at Stamford Plaza.  They were married at All Hallows’ chapel and then Adam got some great location shots in an around All Hallows, including some great shots using those Jags from Kenz Classics .

Gina & Chris, from Adam & the rest of us here at Studio Impressions, thanks for choosing to share your celebration with us and may you have so much more to celebrate throughout your married life.


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