It is past time to share one of my favourite Brisbane weddings.  I spend a lot of time photographing really stunning weddings, and I am frequently asked to comment on the most common bridal trends because we photograph so many of them.   I loved this wedding for a different reason.  Of course it was beautiful, but more than that, this wedding was timeless.   Jess and Bruno chose style over trends.  They chose substance and meaning and brought depth to their wedding styling.   Timeless elegance was evident in everything from what they wore to where they held their reception.   I bet if they ever have a granddaughter she will look at the photos of Jess and think that she is the most beautiful bride at the most beautiful wedding she has ever seen, and that will be decades from now. This is the kind of wedding that will never go out of style.

Jess wore a dream Vera Wang, complimented with hair & make-up by Brush & Blush.   Not to be outdone, Bruno was classically dressed by Ermenegildo Zegna.   They got ready at the Treasury Casino Hotel before heading to their ceremony in the chapel of St Brigid’s and partying the night at Tattersall’s Club.   All these buildings are heritage listed icons of Brisbane, steeped in history, full of tradition, created and built by visionaries – places of unrepeatable grandeur.  See what I mean?  Timeless.   But this doesn’t mean it was traditional and boring. Definitely not.  Nicole from Stem Designs created an indoor forest with ferns, trees and foliage that complimented the decor of Tattersall’s and gave a natural, earthy feel to the reception.   Their reception was all about their family and friends.  Jess and Bruno made sure they surrounded themselves with the people that mean so much to them but foregoing the traditional bridal table at the front of the room for a round table amongst their guests.  Then they chose a band that will always be remembered for knowing how to get all their guests on the dancefloor – RUSH.

Doesn’t this all say something about Jess & Bruno?  They like things to last.   Love is not reflected in superficial prettiness.  Love is creating something together that will last long after you are around to see what it becomes.

Jess and Bruno, thank you for inviting us to capture this historic moment in your lives.  I feel so very privileged to capture these memories for your future.  May your love leave a legacy bigger than you imagined.

Tattersalls-Club-Wedding-Brisbane-1 Tattersalls-Club-Wedding-Brisbane-2 Tattersalls-Club-Wedding-Brisbane-3

Tattersalls-Club-Wedding-Brisbane-10Tattersalls-Club-Wedding-Brisbane-9 Tattersalls-Club-Wedding-Brisbane-6Tattersalls-Club-Wedding-Brisbane-4 Tattersalls-Club-Wedding-Brisbane-11

Tattersalls-Club-Wedding-Brisbane-15Tattersalls-Club-Wedding-Brisbane-18Tattersalls-Club-Wedding-Brisbane-12 Tattersalls-Club-Wedding-Brisbane-17

Tattersalls-Club-Wedding-Brisbane-19 Tattersalls-Club-Wedding-Brisbane-22 Tattersalls-Club-Wedding-Brisbane-23Tattersalls-Club-Wedding-Brisbane-20Tattersalls-Club-Wedding-Brisbane-21

Tattersalls-Club-Wedding-Brisbane-25 Tattersalls-Club-Wedding-Brisbane-27 Tattersalls-Club-Wedding-Brisbane-26 Tattersalls-Club-Wedding-Brisbane-29Tattersalls-Club-Wedding-Brisbane-24 Tattersalls-Club-Wedding-Brisbane-30Tattersalls-Club-Wedding-Brisbane-38 Tattersalls-Club-Wedding-Brisbane-32 Tattersalls-Club-Wedding-Brisbane-33 Tattersalls-Club-Wedding-Brisbane-35 Tattersalls-Club-Wedding-Brisbane-36 Tattersalls-Club-Wedding-Brisbane-37 Tattersalls-Club-Wedding-Brisbane-13












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