From some of the trends I’ve seen in weddings I think there might be a misconception that big church weddings aren’t as personal as small gatherings of friends & family at an outdoor ceremony.   Here is a wedding that proves that even a grand cathedral wedding can be intimate.    I love this wedding.  This wedding shows that it doesn’t really matter where you have your ceremony, or what colour theme your choose or styling details you labour over, what makes a wedding truly memorable is the couple.  Ronald & Julie exuded warmth and so much love on their wedding day that you couldn’t help but be drawn in.   Thank goodness for the photos. Because even though I took the time to notice & photograph all the details of their wedding, I can barely remember what the venue looked like.  What I remember most from this wedding is the never ending smiles on their faces, the joy in their eyes & their complete immersion in each other, and how everyone in the room shared those smiles.  It just sticks with you.

Ronald & Julie got married at  St John’s Cathedral here in Brisbane and had their reception at Goma, where they had also held their traditional tea ceremony before going to the church.   While Ronald & Julie were getting ready for the Tea Ceremony, I thought I’d get some detail shots.   As I moved the tea pot & cups around a little to get the right shot, Ronald’s Mum approached & chastised me with a tap across the back of the hand explaining these were for the ceremony.   Seems she thought I was helping myself to a cup of tea!   It was very funny!  It was also a great reminder that even though I do this every weekend and I know what I’m doing, the other people in the room don’t & as professional photographers we should always be mindful, respectful & aware of how our actions are interpreted.    Poor Ronald & his mum were very embarrassed, but they needn’t have been.  I give her full credit for taking care of her son’s day!

As you look through these images you will wonder – “who did her dress?”  Vera Wang.  “Where was that location shoot?”   Cloudland , and “why on earth are those guys in animal costumes?”    It’s a great story.  When Ronald proposed he enlisted the help of his closest friends.   Ronald & Julie had gone on a ski trip to Japan with some of their close friends when Ronald decided to pop the question.   So Julie will never forget, Ronald and his best mates donned animal costumes and choreographed a dance declaring Ronald’s love to Julie & starring his proposal.   Julie was never expecting it.    Ronald’s marriage proposal had become so legendary among their broader group of friends and family, that he and his mates did an encore performance at the wedding for those that missed it the first time.    How good is that?   I don’t know many people who have friends that are so true that they would dress up in an animal costume, do a dance in public and keep it secret for days & maybe weeks before, all because they want to see this couple together forever.   And then, do it again for MORE people.   That is Ronald & Julie.  Completely genuine, so much fun and totally meant for each other, and their friends know it.

Thanks Julie & Ronald for sharing your happiness with me.  THIS is what weddings are all about.


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  1. This is a huge and simply stunning photo set! Great coverage and amazing use of light!
    The less contrasty photos in front of the building wall are not too much my style, but then it does not have to fit me;-) And they are great photos too!

  2. Your work is so amazing, you capture the emotion and tell such a beautiful story, im reading your book at the moment, Masters Guide to Wedding Photography. Half way through and have found it very helpful. Would one day love to have images like your yours.
    Do you do workshops

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