As I photographed a wedding in and around Brisbane’s Gallery of Modern Art, this weekend just gone, I couldn’t help but think about how much I love this venue, it’s location, this part of Brisbane.  There is something so perfect to me about the fusion of art with architecture with the landscape of Brisbane – it is like air to a photographer.  Thinking of this made me want to share with you another wedding we have photographed there – the wedding of Annabel & Peter.   Annabel & Peter’s wedding was photographed by Gabe who did a great job of capturing the relaxed vibe of this wedding and the beautiful connection between Annabel & Peter.  Annabel & Peter don’t need pomp and circumstance – their genuine love for each other is reflected in every part of this wedding.  Understated and beautiful.  That “thing” that some people have – well you can almost touch it it’s so strong between these two.  On top of that, this wedding encompassed some of my favourite Brisbane institutions – GOMA and the Regatta Hotel.  Honestly if you haven’t spent a Friday night or a Sunday session at the Regatta, you haven’t experienced Brisbane.   Annabel & Peter, thank you for choosing Studio Impressions for your photography.  It has been our pleasure to document your love.  May your every day be filled with the laughter and smiles that filled your wedding day.

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