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On Saturday night you would have found Marcus and I at the 2013 Harcourts Foundation Butterfly Ball at the Sofitel Brisbane.   Many of you know this is an event close to our hearts and one I have been personally involved in organising in past years.  This year, Studio Impressions donated our photographic services, providing the event photography and running a Photobooth where guests got to pose for a fun photo in return for a small donation back to this worthwhile charity.    The Butterfly Ball raises funds for the Butterfly Babies Foundation supporting perinatal research, in particular research into the brain development of pre-term and newborn babies.   So why is this important?    When a baby is born premature, or when a baby is placed on oxygen a birth, their brain development is often affected.  They may suffer from autism, cerebral palsy, blindness or simply learning difficulties as they get older.   If we can find a way to protect a baby’s brain in its first few minutes of life, we can find a way to reduce the incidence of these conditions and change many many lives.   This research is being headed by the most amazing man (who just happens to also be one of the truly nicest people you will ever meet), Professor Paul Colditz.    Marcus & I are very proud to have been able to help him over the last few years to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for this life changing work.    If you think brain research sounds all a little bit unrealistic, trust me, for some, it can be all too real.  Let me put it this way, we got involved when our twin boys were born and we were faced with this:


Today, we have happy healthy funny smart eight year old twins.  Thank you has never been enough.   So we continue to support this amazing cause in the hope that one day the quality of a person’s life will never be decided by their first few minutes in it.   If you would like to donate to Butterfly Babies, click here.

This year the 2013 Harcourts Foundation Butterfly Ball was a masquerade ball.   About 500 guests donned their finest black tie and elaborate (sometimes crazy) masks, to enjoy an evening of fine food and wine, hosted by Ian Skippen, with entertainment by Opera Queensland’s new ensemble Qrious, and dancing to the wee hours to the ever popular RUSH Band.   Here are a few of our favourite photos of the night.

To see more, simply click here to go the full Butterfly Ball gallery.   Photos can be purchased online with proceeds from each photo purchased donated back to the Butterfly Babies Foundation.


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