Capture Magazine is Australia’s top-selling pro photography magazine and each year they seek out and identify the photographers to watch – the emerging talent that are making other professional photographers (like Marcus Bell) lift their game.  This is a hard list to make.  Each category is judged by seasoned and well-respected pros.   And there is nothing scarier than a peer review by people you respect & admire.     This last week, the winners for this year were announced.   We couldn’t have been more excited to see our own Aurelie Beeston announced the winner of the wedding category!   Not only that, she was nominated as a finalist in landscape.     We’ve always known the girl had talent and we know how much she puts into all she does.   We are so excited to see her career go from strength to strength & her work be recognized.   She is a true professional photographer who works at her craft and approaches everything with professionalism, & dedication, the aim to grow creatively but most importantly, an obvious desire to give her clients something they will love.    But what we love most is that she is so humble about it.   In fact when we found out about the win (not from Aurelie) and I said “Wow Aurelie – did you win”.  She said “Oh yes, well I think so” (imagine that said with a sweet french accent) and went back to work.    WELL WE THINK SO TOO! but me, I’m going to shout it from the rooftops for her.   WELL DONE AURELIE!   You deserve it.


Here’s a closer look at some of the images in her winning portfolio.

Capture-Magazine-Emerging-Wedding-Photographer-8Capture-Magazine-Emerging-Wedding-Photographer-9 Capture-Magazine-Emerging-Wedding-Photographer-7Capture-Magazine-Emerging-Wedding-Photographer-11 Capture-Magazine-Emerging-Wedding-Photographer-10 Capture-Magazine-Emerging-Wedding-Photographer-12


And the landscapes that saw her in the finals.













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  1. I should take note of the name of these photographers. Every time we host an event, we make it a point to find good photographers because after everything is done, we all look forward to the photos taken from a particular event. Thanks for sharing!

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