Category : Studio News

04 Jan 2013

Wedding Photography Workshop on CreativeLIVE

A lot of photographers have been asking me when I’m going to run another workshop.  Well the answer is February 6th, 7th & 8th.  And it will be FREE.   Am so excited to be giving my next workshop on creativeLIVE!   So anyone can watch it free online, live from Seattle.   Just register at www.creativeLIVE.com It’s going to be a practical workshop giving you a behind the scenes look at my wedding photography.   I will be doing actual shoots & breaking […]

08 Nov 2012

Queensland Brides

Opened the mail today and found my new copy of Queensland Bride Magazine.   Flicked through to find this fab shoot by my very talented husband. (Some may say I’m biased, I call it accurate).  It was all styled so perfectly by the equally talented Brendan at Styled Events and Cara at  Invitation Station. So excited!   I heard ALL about this in the lead up from Cara and from Brendan and from Marcus, who, I have to say, was pumped when he left the house to […]

18 Jul 2012

Australian Photography Awards

We are bad bad bloggers.   I know it has been a few weeks since either Marcus or I have posted anything at all.  Lots of good reasons why but none of them really matter to regular readers of our blog.   Just know that we will be making up for it in the coming weeks. First I wanted to share something that did happen during our blog hiatus that made me very very proud. The Australian Institute of Professional Photography held the […]

08 May 2012

Royal Mums Book Launch

Marcus & I are the parents of premature twins.  Our boys were born 2 months early and they did not have an easy start to life.   I am forever in wonder of the perfect little crazy, boisterous, brutus, capable human beings that inhabit my house today, 7 years on.  The odds said it should not be this good.   So, because we know we are lucky, we do our little bit throughout the year to raise money for projects related to newborn babies and […]

28 Mar 2012

AIPP Professional Photography Awards

It is Photography Awards season here in Australia.  Although it always seems to sneak up on me, I love the Awards process.  At times it is more of a love/hate relationship.  It is hard to put yourself out there.  Even after years of entering it is a confronting experience.   You are putting something you have created, up to be judged.   But the reason I do it is because it makes me stop and think about my work and it tests me creatively.  When […]