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28 Jun 2011

Adam awarded GOLD AWARD for Wedding Photography

Over the weekend thousands of photographers congregated on Sydney’s convention and exhibition center for the annual Australian Institute of Professional Photography Awards (AIPP) It’s certainly one of the most prestigious and also one of the toughest awards a photographer can enter. Only a small number of GOLD awards are handed out each year and I’m very excited that Adam received one of them for his stunning image taken at a recent wedding here in Brisbane, at the Gallery of Modern […]

09 Jun 2011

Russia in Pictures | Part 2

Well, here it is – Post number 2 on Russia that I promised.  And YES there are people in Russia. While I love photographing vast empty landscapes, I find that incorporating the human element in these scenes can add so much more to the story I’m wanting to tell.   I do this in some of my wedding images where I include the couple as one element in the surrounds they have chosen for their wedding. Both compliment each other to create a more dramatic […]

03 Jun 2011

Russia in Pictures | Part 1

Russia is one of the largest countries on the planet, as I found out first hand traveling across from St Petersburg in the west all the way to the other side in the far east. It’s an incredible place to visit, with so much to capture I’ve split the post in two, the first showing a few of the landscapes and the second a few people scapes .

01 Jun 2011

Camera Gear, Bags and Straps

Over the last few years there has been a real surge in photography.  There are a lot more cameras at weddings and it seems, a lot more interest in photography.  You just have to look at the number of photography Apps sold at the Apple store to see that.  A lot of people use photography now to communicate and I think it’s great.  At most weddings, there is at least one or two people that have an obvious interest in photography […]

27 May 2011

From Russia to Bali with Dream Weddings Bali Style

A lot of people have been asking me about destination weddings lately, and where do you get good inspiration and info on planning a destination wedding.  Well, a great new international wedding magazine has emerged “Dream Weddings Bali Style” and not only is it distributed around the globe you can also download a digital version of the magazine through ZINIO.  While its focus is of course Bali, it has heaps of info to help with destination weddings worldwide.   In the current […]