Today is ANZAC day.  A day for remembering.  For Penny & I it is also a happy day.  ANZAC day is the day that we went on our very first date.  In hindsight maybe that was poor taste, but we were in our late teens & the public holiday that ANZAC day offered was my first chance to take her out, so commemorative or not, I was taking it!

Tonight as we sat around the dinner table with our three boys it felt almost like a movie to think how that day so many years before changed the path of both our lives.   It never ceases to amaze me how finding someone can change your course and fill your life in ways you never imagined.  And how that can happen by such chance.

Last year I photographed a couple recently engaged.   Christine & Kevin.   They live in Melbourne.   One day they will look back on this time in their life and marvel at the chance of it all.   Marvel at how this is the start of something wonderful that they will create.  And I got to capture it.  Now.  As it is.  New, beautiful,  filled with excitement, potential, a whole new life on the horizon – one that they can’t really imagine.

Christine & Kevin, I hope I get to photograph you 23 years from now reflecting on all you have done, lived and created together.   I am sure it will be beyond your dreams.

EngagementShoot001EngagementShoot003 EngagementShoot002 EngagementShoot004 EngagementShoot005

EngagementShoot019 EngagementShoot008EngagementShoot007 EngagementShoot024EngagementShoot023

EngagementShoot011 EngagementShoot012 EngagementShoot014 EngagementShoot015

EngagementShoot020 EngagementShoot017 EngagementShoot021 EngagementShoot022EngagementShoot016

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  1. Really love this Marcus! Especially the one of the two of them outside where she is holding the dog. I love the body language in that one. Also like the third from last a lot too, but they are all wonderful.

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