2007 Studio Impressions Christmas card

Our Studio Christmas card started out as a bit of fun years ago when we decided with tongue-in-cheek, to photograph ourselves for the card! Now it has turned into an annual photographic shoot of our staff with a bit of an unofficial internal competition for the craziest Christmas idea. We like to not take ourselves too seriously and 2007 was no different.



Governor’s Xmas Card

Seem’s like we aren’t the only ones that want to be on our own Christmas Card! Having met Her Excellency the Governor of Queensland Quentin Bryce when I photographed her son’s wedding, I had a brief conversation with her where I suggested some ideas for a Christmas Card that I thought would portray the kind caring and approachable Governor that she has been to the Queensland public, as well as send a message about the importance of family and the joy of children at Christmas. This brief conversation led to the chance to photograph the official Queensland Government House Christmas Card. It is great to be able to do meaningful, elegant portraits like this and then go and do something fun like our snow-globe card in the same week!

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